5 Heart Healthy Tips for a long active life.

Your Heart works hard to keep you going.  Your heart pumps 168 hours a week and 8,736 hours per year. Year after year under all types of conditions your heart never gets a break for as long as you live.

As you can imagine your heart has an enormous demand for nutrition and energy to propel your blood through more than 6,000 miles of blood vessels. But like many of us, we don’t give our heart a second thought until something goes wrong.  It begins with blood pressure concerns, high cholesterol, or other heart issues.
Many of us treat our car better than we treat our own body. We get regular oil changes, new tires, brakes all the things we need to keep it going to perform over the long term. If you don’t do the same for your heart how can YOU expect to perform well over the long term.
I know you want to lead the longest, healthiest life you can. To be fit and active for as long as possible.  To go on your dream vacation. To cross off the things on your ‘bucket list’.  To see your grandkids have kids.
Don’t we all want these things?
We all want to live long, to live healthy and leave a positive legacy for those who follow in our footsteps?
Celebration Saunas wants to leave a legacy too.  We feel it is our mission to bring a message of health, healing and hope to as many people as we can. So we all Celebrate Life.
The Simple tips cardiologists recommend to keep your heart healthy:

1.     Know your numbers:

Tests will give you insight into your risk for heart disease. Keep track of your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, haemoglobin A1C (blood sugars) and inflammatory markers.

2.     Exercise Daily

Get that heart pumping without stressing your joints with a passive cardiovascular workout like in a 30 min infrared sauna session or simply walking for an hour a day can keep your heart healthy for a long and active life.  Do regular strength or resistance training to decrease age related muscle loss.  Use a heart monitor to see how your heart handles exercise.

3.     Lose Weight if necessary

Extra pounds can make our hearts pound so Calculate Your BMI.  Body Mass Index (BMI) represents the percent of your total body weight that is due to fat. Detox your body of toxins contributing to weight gain by sweating in a far infrared sauna.

 4.    Get Real about your diet

Let’s be serious about what we eat whether we have known heart disease or are just taking a preventative approach.  A Heart healthy diet limits meat, reduces saturated fat intake and calories.  Reduce sodium intake to under 2000 mg per day. Avoid Fatty Food and Fast Food.
Common heart healthy diets include: The South Beach Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Paleo or Cave Man Diet

5.     Reduce Your Stress and Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is the body’s primary way of dealing with stress.  Lack of sleep results in the liver pumping out excess cholesterol.    Get eight or more hours of sleep on a regular basis.  Spend quality time with your loved ones.  Prayer and meditation will help to decrease stress levels as well as Living a life of Gratitude. Review your work habits.  Can you delegate your work or otherwise streamline your work habits?  Regular Far Infrared sauna use also helps to reduce stress by reducing muscle tension and charging the body with its own energy or ATP.  ATP is the powerhouse that powers your body and when you apply far infrared it’s like your body has won the lottery and has enough energy to maintain, restore and revitalize our cells.

A superstar combination of regular far infrared sauna use, resistance or strength training , a proper diet, enough sleep and knowing your numbers is treating your heart with the same TLC you give your car.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. And it’s pretty simple to sit in a sauna and sweat for 30 minutes 3 times a week to unload your body of toxins, exercise your heart, de-stress your body, relieve pain, improve your immunity and lose weight to insure you have a long and active life.

That’s pretty simple insurance for your heart, your body, your life, wouldn’t you agree?

Celebration Saunas has dedicated much time in developing our exclusive bio photonic infrared technology and saunas to produce the highest quality infrared light tuned to the resonant frequency of the human body to promote whole body health. So you can live your best life.

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