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Sauna Kits – The Benefits of a Traditional Sauna in Your Home

Celebration Saunas Infrared Sauna Kits. Traditionally having an infrared sauna in your home was a costly and time intensive project for limited 10 minute convection sauna sessions.  Most steam and hot rock saunas can be unbearable for longer durations when the temperature is over 200 degrees.  With the advent of radiant far infrared, sauna kits […]

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Not Just a Luxury Item but Durable Medical Equipment. The Difference Between IR and Steam Saunas

Many people have used traditional saunas for relaxation but Infrared sauna is better and more tolerable.  Rather than cooking yourself to death as is possible in the 200 degree convection environment of steam or hot rock saunas, Our infrared saunas literally manufacture body heat and charge your body with its own energy allowing your body […]

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Near Infrared vs. Far Infrared Sauna Heat – The Ultimate Guide To Home Sauna Heater Technology

You’ve heard of the benefits of Infrared Sauna, you are ready to get your sauna, but in doing your research, you see there is more than one type of infrared heater.  Information overload and conflicting information has probably driven you to find the truth.  In this article we will cover the significant difference between Near […]

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Annual Infrared Sauna Fall Sale!

Celebration Saunas is celebrating the seasons with the lowest prices of the year! Celebration Saunas is your one-stop shop for saunas and accessories this November. Take advantage of these amazing bargains and get up to $3000 off your Infrared Sauna this month only. Here at Celebration Saunas, we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute value […]

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Sauna Therapy: The Secret of Sweat

Infrared sauna therapy is the most effective method of detoxing our bodies from the continuous assault of environmental toxins we encounter every day and accumulate over decades. Many of these toxins we encounter trigger an immune response that causes our bodies to create more toxic substances. The body can actually react to environmental toxins in […]

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The History of Sauna Culture

by Sam Soccoro From wrapping in seaweed to bloodletting with parasites, people around the world will go any lengths to be healthy. This modern “medical tourism” is not new—aristocrats and dignitaries for centuries have traveled far and wide, searching out bizarre treatments for chronic maladies. Hot in Mexico: Sweating it out in a Mayan Temazcal […]