How Lady Gaga “beats” back Chronic Pain

How Lady Gaga “beats” back Chronic Pain

Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” – Honors strength and bravery in spite of pain.  In November, Lady Gaga disclosed to fans her ongoing struggle with chronic pain.  Chronic pain is a condition that more that 100 million Americans face everyday. “Having a frustrating day with chronic pain, but I find myself feeling so blessed to have such strong […]

Sauna Weight Loss: You’re NOT Fat, Your Tired & Stressed

There are many causes of weight gain like stress, lack of sleep, inactivity, dehydration, depression, medications, hormonal changes and environmental toxins but an infrared sauna can be good for weight loss by eliminating these harmful environmental and metabolic toxins from our bodies through the skin.  An infrared sauna can aid in your home weight loss […]

8 Benefits of Financing Your Infrared Sauna

KEEP YOUR CASH –  A large ticket purchase like an infrared sauna kit can be a large and draining expense. Keep your cash in your bank account. Having a cash buffer can really help when you need it. BUY WHAT YOU DESIRE – There is nothing worse than getting a 500lb sauna delivered to your home, […]

EMF Dangers of Home Infrared Saunas

Let’s be clear, there are NO Dangerous EMF in any Home infrared sauna. “No adverse effects have been reported with infrared saunas. ”     – Brent A. Bauer, M.D.  Mayo Clinic What is EMF? EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field.   EMF is one of the four fundamental forces of nature.   All matter, living or nonliving, produces electromagnetic radiation. The […]

The 10 Best Home Sauna Accessories

Once you’ve found the perfect infrared sauna, the next step is to make it a place that you feel perfectly comfortable and at home. To that end, we’ve put together a list of THE most important home sauna accessories that you’ll want to lay your hands on.

The Healing Benefits of Color

Ever been in a room filled with beautiful energetic colors? Did you feel like dancing or playing?  Color contributes to the energy of a room and is used in the design of restaurants to hospitals. Do you feel calmer when looking up at the big, blue sky? Do you like hanging out in a basement?  […]

Luxurious Sauna Hair Treatment

We all love our infrared sauna health benefits.  The pain relief the detoxing benefits, the weight loss but……my naturally curly hair seems to get so dry.  I asked my beautician what could I do and she said to condition my hair and wrap it in a towel and get into the sauna.  This is basically […]

Moving Sale — Scratch and Dent Sale

Celebration Saunas and Golden Designs want to thank our customers for our success. After 8 wonderful years we are moving again from our 41,000 square foot warehouse to our new facility of 100,000 square feet a much larger warehouse space to accommodate our exponential growth and the more than 12,000 saunas we will house this […]

Corner Saunas – Fill That Empty Corner Space

You have been scouring the internet.  You have compared hundreds of far infrared sauna models but which sauna  makes the most sense for you?   There are 1 person saunas to 6 person saunas, corner saunas or straight saunas.  What size do you need?  What is the benefit of having a straight back sauna versus a […]

Does Donald Trump Use Infrared Saunas to Improve His Campaign Vigor?

What does keep the 70-year-old Presidential nominee energized enough to tweet all hours,  travel city to city to give speeches while giving regular news programming interviews, and cheering for his competitors demise?   If he is using an infrared sauna, that would explain a lot.  Infrared saunas literally charge the body with its own energy […]