National Humor Month

National Humor Month

Celebration Saunas believes in holistic wellness. Since April is National Humor Month, this is the perfect time to acknowledge the therapeutic and restorative values of humor, joy and laughter.

Home Health Equipment To Live For!

It’s 2017, it’s time to love your body with a luxurious far infrared sauna.  A far infrared sauna feels like a deep tissue massage, without the pressure, by bringing oxygen rich, nutrient rich blood flow to tight muscles.  It cleanses you from the inside out and rejuvenates your skin for a softer youthful glow.  The […]

Infrared Sauna Features & Accessories

When you buy a new car, you’re offered countless upgrade packages and add-ons. When you buy a new infrared sauna, it’s no different. What we do different is offer the luxury upgrade package as standard. Read on to find out all the neat little extras that make your sauna experience that much better.

March Madness Super Infrared Sauna Sale

Welcome Sauna Lovers, Take advantage of our March Madness Super Sale!  To Celebrate our professional athletes we are offering the lowest prices of the year.  Take health and luxury to a new level and maximize your after workout downtime with some relaxation after all your hard work.  Athletes will also find that their muscles and […]

10 Reasons to buy a Celebration Sauna

1. Saunas are heart healthy. A sauna is a great way to get your cardio exercise in passively. As your skin is heated by the sauna your heart works harder to cool it by moving cooler blood to the surface. Just by sitting in a sauna, you can raise your heart rate to levels you […]

10 Experts Weigh-In on Stress and Weight Gain

We here at Celebration Saunas have been in the infrared business decades now and it’s all we know. Like a hunter who knows his/her knows or a mechanic who knows the what exact engine is roaring from 2 miles away. infrared Saunas are our lifeblood and passion and while that may be strange to some people, […]

5 Heart Healthy Tips for a long active life.

Your Heart works hard to keep you going.  Your heart pumps 168 hours a week and 8,736 hours per year. Year after year under all types of conditions your heart never gets a break for as long as you live. As you can imagine your heart has an enormous demand for nutrition and energy to […]

The World’s Most To-Die-For Saunas

Design Elements to Look for in a Sauna A feeling of space Good lighting Appealing decor Enhances its environment If there’s one thing that screams ‘luxury’ in the middle of winter, I think it has to be a great sauna. There are lots of good saunas to be found, but the best have something a […]

Far Infrared, Pain Relief and Polio

With the new out breaks of Polio in the world I am reminded that research of far infrared on the human body and its effects on pain have been studied since the end of WWII.  In 1946-1953 studies were conducted on the efficacy of far infrared heat to alleviate the pain associated with headaches, muscle […]