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Corner Saunas – Fill That Empty Corner Space

You have been scouring the internet.  You have compared hundreds of far infrared sauna models but which sauna  makes the most sense for you?   There are 1 person saunas to 6 person saunas, corner saunas or straight saunas.  What size do you need?  What is the benefit of having a straight back sauna versus a corner unit or vice versa?

corner infrared sauna

We spoke with CEO Katie DeCicco industry leader to get her thoughts on how to choose a sauna.

“The most important part of choosing the right style sauna is to know your measurements.  Before you can choose any sauna you should not only know the dimensions of the space you are going to put your sauna but the dimensions of the narrowest part you may have to carry the sauna panels through like up or down a flight of stairs with a low ceiling or a narrow turn.  If you have a low ceiling or a narrow turn, this may limit you to only straight back saunas.

Once you have identified your space dimensions you can now choose your sauna.  Most infrared sauna companies provide the exterior dimensions of the sauna so that you can check that you have plenty of room to carry and fit your sauna into your space.   Now that it’s time to choose a sauna, keep in mind, one of the best values industry wide are corner saunas.  In a corner sauna, in most cases, you have 2 benches.  Most corner units are design for 3 people knee to knee, hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder but the 2 benches allow for 2 people to have their own personal space or for one person to lay down, granted your bottom is in the corner and your trunk is on one bench and your legs are on the other bench but it’s a small space so every inch of bench counts.  The thing about corner units that you must know is that they are a perfect square with the corner cut off to form the shape of a baseball diamond.  This means you need to account for the full diagonal of the square to make sure your floor and roof can be moved into the space you desire.

corner sauna

Now that we have discussed the most important benefit of owning a corner sauna – 2 benches- it’s important to note that most corner saunas have more heaters but less floor space.  One unique feature to look for in a corner sauna is heater behind your back when two people occupy the sauna.  In most corner saunas if you and a partner sit with your back’s against the sidewalls your legs straight out in front of you with your toes meeting in the corner both your back’s will be against glass.  The only corner sauna we have found that has heaters instead of glass on its front side walls so that your back is against a heater instead of glass is the Saturn 4 person sauna. The Saturn sauna has 12 heaters and 2 five foot two inch benches. This means that a person six foot six can lie down in this sauna.  This particular sauna also has decorative windows in the front next to the heaters easily accommodated by its large size.  At Celebration Saunas we always recommend getting the largest size you can fit in your home because space inside your sauna is limited.  In the far infrared sauna industry when we say 2 people or 6 people that really means 2 people knee to knee, hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder.  The worst thing in the world is to get a 500lb sauna, put it together, get inside, love it and the first thought that comes to mind is I wish I’d gone bigger.  For those seeking a corner sauna, pat yourself on the back for having good taste and spotting a good value”.

According to one long term infrared sauna study, using your own infrared sauna just twice a week can result in up to a 23% reduction in risk of heart complications. The fact that the experience is enjoyable only adds to the elure.

Check out the Celebration Saunas Corner Sauna range here.

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