In self-defense — I KILL THEE CORONAVIRUS — On Guard!

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

That’s right I am going on the attack. COVID-19 I’m coming for you! I have a secret weapon that induces a natural low-grade fever to kill off all you buggers and sweat them out before they take hold in my body. That’s right coronavirus I called you buggars. Whatcha gonna do….nothing because I’m catching a fever.

So what’s this secret weapon? How am I going to defend myself against the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 that will inevitably infect about 30 percent of us? How do I instead go on the attack? Thankfully most of us won’t get deathly ill but there are things I can do to help prevent myself from spreading coronavirus and also from developing any symptoms.

Yeah….I’m eating my leafy greens. Yes, I’m washing my hands and I’m using my hand sanitizer. I’m taking my vitamins. Drinking fluids. Stocking up on canned goods and frozen food. Flour was gone at the store so in a pinch I’ve got biscuits and frozen rolls but how can I really kick coronavirus butt? By not getting sick that’s how. Fever Kills Coronavirus so how do you get one without the sickness! Is this possible? It is sooooo Possible!!!

Those of you who have followed my career know I sell far infrared saunas because I believe in them. It’s not difficult to sell a product you believe in if it works. For the last 13 years, I have dedicated myself to educating the public and health professionals about the health benefits of a far infrared sauna and there are so many health benefits. I mean, we’re literally in cancer hospitals and far infrared sauna can be billed as durable medical equipment this is not just a luxury item there’s some real science behind the technology.

Coincidentally, one of the most relevant proven health benefits in the current coronavirus/ SARS-CoV-2 environment is a far infrared sauna’s ability to literally induce a low-grade fever to kill off latent viruses. Viruses that haven’t had the chance to take hold in the body and make you … sick! One of the first symptoms of having the coronavirus is a fever. Our body’s natural reaction to foreign invaders is to burn it up. Make the body too hot for that viral nastiness to live. The problem is that by the time your body sounds the fire alarm and we get to fever well…. you’re sick. It’s too late the virus has taken hold. Other than time there’s no helping you. You’re in for it. Drink your clear liquids, take your vitamins, get rest and for goodness sake….. Stay home.

How does that help? This is a self-defense course in Coronavirusnot a cure.

If you aren’t sick yet…. find an infrared sauna and get into it. I can ship one to you in 2–14 days depending on how far you are from California but find a local spa or gym or chiropractor, visit a local hot tub store. Often hot tub stores and mattress stores have them for sale, but find one! Get in that bad boy and sweat…. sweat a lot. Far infrared sauna is literally manufacturing body heat so you will never feel too hot. Our bodies produce far-infrared light in the form of body heat. The far infrared light of the sauna is going to activate the mitochondria of your cells and maximize cellular energy output increasing your body temperature. (There are so many benefits when this happens- but were here for Coronavirus/ COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2) In addition, to increasing your body temperature to a maximum low-grade fever of 100 degrees and killing off heat-sensitive viruses in the body, your thermoregulatory system is going to kick on and say “I’m hot!” In an effort to cool the body our respirations will increase to take in cooler air to cool the bloodstream which means that the heart has got to pump faster-providing cooler, oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood everywhere in your body. As you begin to sweat you will sweat out toxins that cause inflammation in the body and tax your immune system freeing up the immune system from it’s “regular burdens” to go fight the invading coronavirus! Yay!!! Way to go troops!

By increasing my core body temperature to a low-grade fever I’ll kill off a bunch of the virus before it becomes an infection. And if I do get the coronavirus I know it won’t be as bad because I’ll have killed off a bunch of the virus before my body discovered I was sick and with dead-virus floating around its likely I’ve got a few antibodies too. And just a quick shout out to parents out there….This works after the children’s museum and the minute someone in your house comes down with something….. seriously get in the sauna.

I’m getting into my sauna now and probably again tomorrow. Three to Five 30 minute sessions each week is all you really need to attain and maintain optimal health. I’m gonna hydrate and flush my system with half my body weight in ounces. Whoo, I nearly wrote a reveal there. In any case, I know the more water I drink the more I will sweat. The more I sweat the healthier I feel and the fewer toxins, viruses, and bacteria have an opportunity to take hold in my body.

Thank you all for reading. Visit to learn about ALL the amazing benefits of far infrared sauna and if you are looking to provide far infrared saunas to your customers we have over 40 styles and sizes to choose from including sauna lines exclusively designed for brick-and-mortar retail stores. Contact: [email protected]

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