Sauna Therapy: The Secret of Sweat

Infrared sauna therapy is the most effective method of detoxing our bodies from the continuous assault of environmental toxins we encounter every day and accumulate over decades. Many of these toxins we encounter trigger an immune response that causes our bodies to create more toxic substances. The body can actually react to environmental toxins in such a way that it produces a more potent cancer causing chemicals that trigger cancer genes.

We are all riddled with disease producing toxins from decades of exposure but the secret to eliminating these deadly toxins is sweating. FAR infrared sauna therapy is a safe and effective means to eliminate disease causing toxins through the largest detoxification organ of your body, your skin. Simply sweating has proven to be a natural alternative to prescription drugs and relieves a number of chronic conditions including drug abuse, heart disease, cancer & obesity.

Far infrared sauna therapy in wood saunas is much safer and infinitely more tolerable than its steam and hot rock cousins. Infrared sauna therapy is far more effective at eliminating toxins because we are penetrating tissues, triggering the mobilization of toxins stored in the subcutaneous layer of fat to be expressed by the skin at much lower and tolerable temperatures. It’s the profuse sweating that infrared sauna therapy produces to release a lifetime of disease causing toxins that contribute to early aging, chronic pain, heart disease, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, Alzheimer’s, cancer or the numerous other diseases caused by chemical toxicity.  This is the secret of sweating that it allows our body to rid ourselves of toxins our other organs will do anything to keep away.

Adding it all up. An infrared sauna therapy seems expensive but if you add up the time and expense of getting diagnosed for your chronic condition, the medications you must purchase or products you need to manage it, a sauna more than offsets these costs when you reduce flare ups and subsequent doctor visits, freed your body of medications that can treat symptoms but compound other problems while still maintaining improved whole body wellness in the comfort and privacy of your home. Check out our sauna buying guide for more information on how your health can benefit from sauna therapy.

How have you improved your life using your sauna? If you’d like us to cover any sauna topics, myths or urban legends, let us know in the comments. we’re absolutely crazy about saunas and love to hear what others in the sauna community are up to.

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