Sauna Weight Loss: You’re NOT Fat, Your Tired & Stressed

There are many causes of weight gain like stress, lack of sleep, inactivity, dehydration, depression, medications, hormonal changes and environmental toxins but an infrared sauna can be good for weight loss by eliminating these harmful environmental and metabolic toxins from our bodies through the skin.  An infrared sauna can aid in your home weight loss goals by eliminating the body’s toxic load, decreasing cortisol production and eliminating cellular waste through the skin.  Let’s talk about stress.

High levels of stress puts your body into survival mode causing the your body to produce high amounts of Cortisol, “the stress hormone”  which increases appetite.  As our stress levels increase so do our reach for fatty, sugary or salty comfort foods creating the perfect breeding ground for weight gain which can contribute to heart disease, cancer, headaches, ulcers, digestive disturbances, backaches and many other conditions.  You can mitigate stress through deep breathing, meditation, infrared sauna sessions that work on the parasympathetic nervous system, regular exercise and healthy food choices are all positive lifestyle changes that can counter-balance stress and fight back those unwanted pounds.

Lack of Sleep is an emerging contributor to obesity in America and just like stress can increase cortisol production.  Staying up late to watch your favorite late night show may be contributing to that waist line as exposure to food and beverage advertising can influence what you eat as well as increasing your daily caloric intake and environmental toxins.  Increased weight contributes to Sleep Apnea which compounds the problem because you get less restful sleep further increasing cortisol production and contributing to weight gain.   When your body is sleep deprived changes in your hormone levels increase hunger and appetite making you not feel as full after eating.
You may be doing all the right things like exercising, eating right then all your efforts are negated staying up all night binge watching your favorite shows.  Studies show that sleep deprivation makes us more akin to choose junk food and limits our ability to practice portion control.

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