Infrared Sauna Flexibility

It true getting older hurts. We feel its stiffness in our joints and muscles when we wake up, when the weather changes from hot to cold some of us crawl out of bed but there is relief. Most of us after crawling out of bed feel better after a hot shower and we improve as the day goes on. So we all know that when you apply heat to a stiff anything and move it, it feels better. Now multiply that relief by 100% and imagine crawling into the soothing warm heat of a Biophotonic infrared sauna tuned to your body heat. In minutes you will feel the stiffness lesson, movement easier and overall pain relief before you even hop in the shower. The next day you may not crawl, you won’t feel as much pain from stiffness. Early morning range of motion improves and lasts with repeated infrared sauna use.

Athletes: For athletes looking to warm up their muscles before rigorous physical activity will find a Biophotonic Far Infrared Sauna not only increases flexibility for longer periods after your sauna session it also prevents injury. After stressing our muscles we must stretch again often known as a cool down period. A Biophotonic far infrared sauna room is the perfect place to stretch, relax and detox the lactic acid build-up in our muscles after our exercise routine.

Massage Therapists looking to improve their clients experience have found a few minutes of sauna prior to massage does a lot of the heavy lifting of relaxing the muscles for a deeper tissue massage. As the heart rate increase and blood travels faster throughout the body providing oxygen and nutrients to the extremities, the body it is also clearing away toxins stored in knotted or cramped muscles. Often the body protects these knotted areas and a sauna helps reduce that protection so that the root cause of muscle pain can be address through manual manipulation of the muscle to eliminate stored toxins in the area, removing these blockages and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Physical & Occupational Therapists looking to improve their clients flexibility will benefit from the soothing warmth of a Biophotonic infrared sauna as it increases oxygen and nutrients to the extremities lessening the pain of range of motion exercise and increasing elasticity, Freedom of Movement and Range of Motion with long lasting results. Stretching exercises during an infrared sauna session will further enhance these results improving joint stiffness, range of motion and pain.

At Celebration Saunas we could just say our saunas are amazing tools for powerful pain relief, but we’d rather prove it.

*All topics and conclusions of the health benefits of infrared saunas have been thoroughly researched by Celebration Saunas but results can vary.

Look over the studies below conducted by the U.S. Government and Universities around the world.

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