Infrared Technology

What is Biophotonics?

In the most general terms biophotonics is the convergence of photonics and the life sciences. Photonics—the science and technology of generation, manipulation and detection of light—uses photons, quantum-like particles of light, instead of electrons to transmit, process, and store information. In biophotonics we study the process of particle light transmission, process and information storage in living systems.

What are BioPhotons?

BioPhotons confirmed by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp are the particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells. His work shows that DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons creating “biophoton emissions”. These emissions are released in the form of infrared light and are the power source of our cells. When we are in optimal health we emit more light and in poorer health we emit less light. The infrared light produced in our Celebration Saunas and in your own body are the mechanism for cellular communication and healing. The application of Biophoton Infrared charges the body like a battery at the cellular level to speed up metabolic processes for detoxification and healing. Celebration Saunas BioPhoton infrared technology is the most efficient means for infrared absorption into the human body.

What is Biophoton Nano-Carbon Technology?

Our Exclusive Biophoton nano-carbon panel heaters are calibrated specifically to the human-body’s variance output of Biophotons at 7-10 microns. A safe and efficient far infrared panel, our exclusive Biophoton Nano-Carbon heat emitters are produced from a highly condensed mucilage of 22 conductive organic minerals activated by polarized copper wiring to provide you the safest most efficient far infrared heating panel for maximum health benefits.

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