Infrared Saunas & How Yours Can Change Your Life

Celebration Saunas - Far Infrared Saunas

To say Celebration Saunas the Golden Designs retail store manufactures only the highest-quality Far Infrared Saunas is very true. That’s the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story.

Your Far Infrared Sauna is built specifically for daily use in your home, a health spa, wellness center, or your luxury residence. Your own personal sauna therapy. Your infrared sauna is built with unmatched quality, craftsmanship and BioPhotonic infrared technology to address total comfort and your whole body health.  Celebration Saunas home Sauna lines, Maxxus, Dynamic, and Golden Designs are absolutely the most powerful tool for your whole body health maintenance. The health benefits are well known too. It’s probably why you’re here.

Our Home Infrared Saunas offering superior heat therapy have become a beacon for health enthusiasts like you everywhere. Why do they insist on Celebration Saunas? The exclusive BioPhotonic infrared technology?  Genuine service? Quality Products? Longest lasting infrared heaters online? In a word. YES!

Unlike a traditional sauna you may have experienced, a Celebration Saunas sauna uses infrared waves, is designed to be energy efficient, and costs approximately 15 -25 cents/hour to operate depending on the kilowatt/hour rate in your area.  All our infrared Saunas are made from grade A Canadian Hemlock wood or Canadian Red Cedar, specially kiln dried and assembled with unique tongue and groove construction for years of durable use.  All Celebration Saunas are equipped with  Biophotonic Heaters with a lifespan of 20,000 hours.  That’s an hour a day for 50 years.

Including traditional dry saunas, older regular saunas, There is not a better quality sauna on the market than an infrared sauna.

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