The Best Infrared Sauna – 5 of The Best Infrared Saunas & Why They’re So Great

We surveyed our customers, both personal home sauna and commercial infrared sauna customers, and the results are in. The 5 best saunas of 2022-2023, that Celebration Saunas offers are the Jupiter and Big Bang commercial saunas and the Lunar 1-person low EMF home sauna, the Blueshift Full-Spectrum home sauna, and the Pulsar low-EMF home sauna.

All commercial saunas have the newest Near-Zero EMF technology. Our commercial-grade saunas are ideal for fitness centers, doctor offices, hospitals, and in residential homes to accommodate those that have EMF sensitivity.

The Best Infrared Saunas of 2016-2017

Most Luxurious Infrared Sauna

Experience superior relaxation and comfort with our Jupiter Infrared Sauna – perfect for spas and home use alike! Our Jupiter Infrared Sauna is the ultimate in luxurious commercial saunas, boasting two 5-foot-8″ benches and two side benches with all of the most contemporary features. Relax to your favorite tunes using its AM/FM/CD/MP3 Blutooth ready radio/DVD player or by watching a movie on the monitor while gently heated by 15 Near-zero EMF Biophoton Nano-carbon far infrared heaters boasting an EMF rating of 1.6mG at the heater and 0.3mG at the bench. Furthermore, with its 7mm commercial-grade wood interior, it is designed to last for decades.

Jupiter Infrared Sauna - From Celebration Saunas

Best Value Infrared Sauna

Get the best bang for your buck with Celebration Saunas’ Pulsar 3-person home infrared sauna. This luxurious model enables anyone over 6 feet tall to fully extend their legs on its 58″ wide bench, so you will have more than enough room to move around comfortably. Not only that but it’s also equipped with 7 Low EMF Biophoton Nano-carbon far infrared heaters, chromotherapy color lighting, and a music system— perfect for a healthful and invigorating spa session!

The Pulsar sauna is a great choice for home use, offering the same features as its commercial counterpart at $2000 less. Our low EMF Biophoton Nano-carbon far infrared heaters are included in all our models, allowing them to reach optimal temperature in only three minutes! Unwind and relax with the music system, backrests, and oxygen ionizer that come standard with every model.

Best Commercial Infrared Saunas

Create your own personal oasis in a space-constrained area with one of our commercial grade 1, 2, or 3 person saunas! Our Aurora 1-person sauna model is perfect for those looking for the most value and offers a full spectrum salt experience at an unbeatable price of $4595. Looking to treat yourself? Check out the Supernova, and Big Bang sauna models hovering around $5500 for ultimate relaxation.

Best Zero EMF Infrared Sauna

If you don’t suffer from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Sensitivity – that is, if using a cell phone and sitting in front of your computer doesn’t make you feel nauseous or the electricity coming off light switches isn’t something you can notice without effort- then our standard low Biophoton Nano-carbon far infrared heaters will offer exactly the same health benefits with no additional expense. (For more about infrared saunas and Electromagnetic Fields, see this article),

Our low-EMF Biophoton nanocarbon infrared heaters are extremely safe, with an EMF rating of 10mG at the heater and 5mG at the bench. They also heat up quickly, reaching a temperature increase of 3 degrees per minute! At-home saunas come loaded with features such as free shipping & lift-gate service, lifetime warranty coverage, luxurious 5 mm thick wood panels for maximum insulation & comfortability, color therapy lighting to create just the right ambiance while detoxing in your new sauna space; plus music and backrests so you can really relax during your sessions. To top it off our units include an oxygen ionizer to purify air quality inside your sanctuary.

Best Home Sauna

If you’re looking for a great sauna to add to your home, the Lunar 1-person low EMF sauna and Blueshift Full-Spectrum Sauna are both superior in terms of value. Not only do they have efficient designs that fit nicely into any budget, but also come with lifetime warranties that include replacement parts and shipping coverage absolutely free! With these two options, you can rest assured knowing that whatever purchase you make is backed by us here at Celebration Saunas.

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