Infrared Sauna Therapy – Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Pain Pills? Steroids? Surgery? Is this what your Medical Provider has offered you to manage your pain?

One of the best reasons to purchase a Celebration sauna is the natural Fibromyalgia Pain Relief associated with far infrared therapy. You deserve to feel better! Right? Far Infrared Therapy has been proven to provide long lasting relief from sports injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Tendonitis, Nerve Damage and a multitude of other pain conditions.

Our Biophotonic infrared sauna heat works by penetrating the body at the cellular level. Infrared rays are selectively absorbed by cells and tissues needing a boost in their output. The internal production of infrared energy that normally occurs at the cellular level within our tissues is associated with a multitude of healing responses and a boost to a maximum level ensures the fullest healing response possible in a tissue which is being repaired. After boosting a tissue to its maximum, the remaining rays pass on harmlessly.

A Biophotonic Far Infrared Sauna gently and safely warms and stretches every muscle by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the micro circulatory system to produce direct action on both free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves to reduce muscle spasms, soreness, swelling, and improve lymphatic delivery. The application of Far Infrared to an injury not only heals the existing symptoms of pain but also reduces the risk of future strain and injury.


Although there is no known cause for fybromyalgia sufferers feel the pain and lethargy. Get relief from sore muscles, feel more energetic and detox environmental toxins that compound fybromyalgia symptoms.

Don’t take our word for it! Try it for yourself!

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*All topics and conclusions of the health benefits of infrared saunas have been thoroughly researched by Celebration Saunas but results can vary

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