10 Reasons to buy a Celebration Sauna

1. Saunas are heart healthy. A sauna is a great way to get your cardio exercise in passively. As your skin is heated by the sauna your heart works harder to cool it by moving cooler blood to the surface. Just by sitting in a sauna, you can raise your heart rate to levels you would achieve with moderate exercise. Research has also shown that regular sauna use can help prevent congestive heart failure.

2. Saunas are great for eliminating toxins. While you are sitting in a sauna, the dry heat causes you to sweat – and this is a great way to flush toxins out of your body. Toxins are stored in the body’s fat, and sweating in a sauna helps your body get rid of them quickly.

3. Regular sauna use can help with weight control. Studies have shown that regular sauna use can enhance the effects of moderate exercise and a healthy diet, helping users achieve and control their ideal weight much more easily.

4. Saunas can help boost your energy. Regular sauna use can boost your energy in different ways. Increasing heart rate and flushing toxins can improve short term energy levels. Long term energy can be enhanced because sitting in a sauna relieves stress and can help users get more regular and better sleep.

5. Regular sauna use is beneficial for joint and muscle pain. A number of clinical studies have repeatedly confirmed that regular sauna use can be very useful in relieving joint pain and tenderness, particularly in people suffering from arthritis or chronic pain.

6. Celebration Saunas can fit any budget. We provide factory direct prices that are up to 60% lower than what other companies can offer. Not only that, we keep over 4,000 saunas in our inventory at any given time – so we’re always going to have the sauna you want in stock.

7. Superior craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Our saunas are crafted using only the highest grade materials and best workmanship. Our saunas are luxury furniture pieces – and all of them are equipped with the latest in Japanese biophotonic nano-carbon infrared technology. This technology gently warms the body without using potentially harmful UVA/UVB rays for a healthier outcome. And it’s energy efficient: you could use our sauna every day for less than 25 cents an hour.

8. More standard features. Celebration saunas come with more features than the leading competitor. Our standard accessories include color therapy lighting, interior reading light, exterior ambient lighting, interior and exterior soft touch control panels, AM/FM Radio/CD/MP3 player, oxygen ionizer, backrests, cup holders & towel rack.

9. Industry-leading lifetime warranty. All our saunas come with a 7-year limited lifetime manufacturer warranty and an extended lifetime warranty through Celebration Saunas. We will facilitate any warranty claims and replace all electronic components free of charge and we pay for the shipping.  We provide a lifetime warranty on all electronic components and the Biophotonic infrared heating elements, which are designed to last 20,000 hours – or the equivalent to 1 hour a day for 50 years.

10. Expert, personalized support. You’ll know the difference the first time you speak to one of our representatives.  Our qualified representatives can help you with any questions you have about specific medical conditions and provide resources about clinical studies on the benefits of infrared light therapy. But customer support doesn’t stop after you purchase your sauna. Our experts will guide you through the delivery and set up process.  Once you are set up and ready to go we’ll provide useful tips to maximize the health benefits for your sauna sessions.  Your sauna expert will be with you every step of the way.

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