Individual Sauna Benefits

Individual saunas combine all the functionality and health benefits of a large, multi-person sauna with the simplicity and convenience of a smaller, more personal space. They’re perfect for a whole range of people in all sorts of situations, and can supply a personalized, highly comfortable experience to anyone who loves to spend time in the sauna.

So why buy an Individual infrared sauna? Perhaps you don’t have much floor space available to accommodate a larger, more spacious model. Maybe you don’t particularly like the traditional-style saunas, and are looking for something that doesn’t feel cramped or closed-in. There are a huge number of reasons that you might decide to go with a smaller model, and we’re going to go through just a few of them.

Reason to Choose an Individual Sauna

  • Use floor space
  • Lower cost and installation price
  • More intimate
  • Use less electricity
  • Feel less cramped

Less space used

A problem often faced by lovers of sauna treatments is how to fit a sauna into a house or apartment with limited space. In contrast to a larger 6 person home infrared sauna, Individual saunas or 1 person infrared saunas  can remove this limitation, because they take up far less floor space. You can get a range of different models, including ones that are lie-down only and ones that are sit-down-only.

Obviously, most individual saunas take up less floor space simply because they don’t need as much space inside. But other sauna makers take a more innovative approach – adding lots of glass to ensure that the sauna doesn’t feel small from the inside.

Saunas that enclose the body from the neck down only or saunas that can be set up whenever needed, then disassembled and packed away  are made from toxic materials, are ineffective at delivering the proper infrared and don’t encourage a sweat because your head is protruding out.  Not to mention its incredibly uncomfortable to stew in your own filth.  You get more detoxification benefits when you are able to wipe the sweat away.

Space required: Typically, around 2 cubic meters (70 cubic feet). This could be situated vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs and the model chosen. However, some models that allow the head to protrude from the sauna are actually toxic and  far more compact – so shop around, and ensure that you check the specifications.


One-person saunas are often cheaper than their larger cousins, while providing the same great advantages. Where a two-person sauna will cost around $1,500-2,500 to purchase, a one-person sauna’s purchase price is more like $900-2,000 for a mid-range unit. Because they’re smaller, they’re typically not just cheaper to buy – they’re also cheaper to install and run. Less cubic footage equals lighter panels and a much quicker, less labor-intensive installation process, as well as providing less surface area or air (depending on the type of sauna) to heat. The result? Less money spent, leaving you fewer expenses to worry about while relaxing in your brand new sauna.

Peace and quiet

While the camaraderie and ambiance of a group sauna can be fantastic, sometimes you just want some peace and quiet served alongside your luxurious sauna time. Individual saunas can give you an experience all your own, with no sounds, smells, or sights that you don’t want to have keeping you company. This can provide a relaxation that’s closer to meditation, allowing you to focus on letting go of tension that has accumulated in both your body and your mind throughout the day. Or you can actually combine your sauna therapy with bona fide meditation techniques to allow you to maximize the results and improve both your health and your stress levels. If this is your main reason for buying a sauna, then consider exactly what sights, scents, and sounds relax you, and try to incorporate these into your sauna experience. For example, consider adding soothing music, colored light panels or a Himalayan salt lamp, and lavender or sandalwood essential oil in a burner to augment your therapy sessions. Need some inspiration? Check out this video:

Use less electricity


If you’re concerned about keeping your carbon footprint low, an individual sauna can be a great way to limit the amount of electricity that you use without compromising on any of your creature comforts. You can have all of the warmth, pleasure, and therapeutic gain that a sauna can give you, without the guilt and higher power bills. Some individual saunas heat the air in the sauna, while others heat only the surfaces. With less surface area and fewer cubic feet of air, this is a win for electricity usage no matter which type of sauna you end up buying. If electricity usage is a concern of yours, remember to check the sauna’s technical specifications to see how much power it draws.

Avoid claustrophobia

If you tend to dislike or fear small spaces, you might think that saunas aren’t at all your thing. Oddly enough, though, many people who get that ‘closed-in’ feeling in enclosed spaces find that they’re comfortable in some individual saunas. Some find that having the entire space to themselves is the key to enjoying a sauna experience others prefer models with lots of windows which makes the small space feel much bigger.  I would steer clear of the sauna designs that allow the head to remain outside the sauna and instead enclose only the body.   Although this may have worked with steam saunas in the past, you will have a tremendous time trying to sweat with your head exposed in an infrared sauna as  your head will use the outside temperature to cool itself and the body.  The sauna design that exposes the head is just not as effective as a full enclosure.  If you opt to have your head outside the sauna help your body sweat by wrapping your hair in a towel.  It will help prevent your body from using the cooler air in the room to cool your body and encourage a sweat.



There are some fantastic reasons to choose an individual sauna for your home. Browse around, and you’re sure to find the perfect sauna to meet your needs – and your budget!

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