Sauna Cost & Price Guide

This sauna cost and pricing guide is designed to help you develop an initial budget, as well as plan for the ownership costs associated with each type of home sauna kit.

Determining your sauna budget is probably the most pressing question you have so, How Much Does A sauna Cost in 2017?  First, let’s take a look at the initial cost of different types of saunas to get an idea of how much budget is needed for each type. The chart below will give you a good idea of the cost difference between owning each type of sauna.  Keep in mind that these prices will vary greatly from region to region.

What are the cost differences between owning far infrared sauna vs. steam or hot rock sauna vs. a portable sauna or near infrared sauna?  Below is a chart comparing the cost to own each type of sauna.

10 Year Sauna Cost Projection
Associated Cost of OwnershipFar Infrared Sauna
2-6 Person Size
Traditional Steam /Hot Rock
1 Person Size
Near Infrared
1 Person Size
Initial Cost$1495- $5595$7140$300 – $800$1250 – $5000
Replacement partsn/a$1500 – $3200 + $600
(heater+rocks+1 replacements) x10 years
(Add $500 for 120v/20amp dedicated circuit for 3 person saunas or larger)
(Add $500+1,000  for required dedicated circuit

(seat cushion, not req.)

Electricity Usage for 10 Years$11- $27/ mth

1450w -4225w

$25 – $60/mth
$10/ mth




WarrantyForever/  Lifetime Guarantee5 to 6 years Limited Lifetime1 year warranty3 years
10 Year Cost of ownership$2800 to  $9600
Includes electricity for 10 years
Up to $20000
Includes electricity for 10 years
Up to $3500

Includes electricity for 10 years

Up to $7800

Includes electricity for 10 years

As you can see, there is a substantial difference in the cost to own each type of sauna. This is why we teach that the initial price of a sauna isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping for a sauna. The lifetime cost of ownership is equally important.

As you can see, there is a huge disparity between the maintenance cost with each type of  saunas. You may be wondering why the cost to own a Far infrared sauna is so much less. There are two reasons. First, they are incredibly durable. Second, they are very efficient. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Are Far infrared saunas So Durable?

Modern Far infrared saunas are so durable because of the scientific developments in far infrared heaters that have occurred over the past decade. The new Biophoton Nano-Carbon Heaters last 20,000 hours or an hour a day for 50 years and are used on all Celebration Saunas Far infrared saunas.   In contrast, steam/ hot rock saunas will require expensive accessories and replacement parts. And you can plan on replacing the heater every 5 to 9 years, on average, at a very high cost.

Why Are Far infrared saunas So Efficient?

Far infrared saunas are incredibly energy efficient cost as little as $11 a month to run your sauna every day for 2 hours.  Because all our infrared saunas are equipped with Biophoton Nano-carbon heaters tuned to the resonant frequency of the human body at 9.4 microns 87% of the time maximizes your health benefits in the shortest amount of time because your body has no resistance to the far infrared light.  Far infrared saunas require little maintenance simply use towels on the bench and floor when using your sauna and run the oxygen ionizer to kill odors, bacteria, viruses and mold.   Our oxygen ionizers will run for thirty minutes and then shut themselves off.  All this makes for substantial energy savings.

To sum it up, you will have significantly less maintenance and repair expense with a Far infrared sauna. Couple that with the lower cost to purchase, lower energy usage, and a lifetime warranty where Celebration Saunas pays for parts and shipping for as long as you own the sauna, you have, far and away, the most affordable sauna to own on the planet!

Case in point, the lower initial price of a portable sauna may be very appealing during the buying process, but coughing up an extra $3,500 every 10 years has a huge ouch factor when you can have a larger more comfortable sauna that will last the rest of your life for a fraction of the cost while really giving  you the long term health benefits you are looking for.

You’ll also notice that, in addition to the cost of installation, some  replacement parts and maintenance of some saunas can cost as much as a new far infrared sauna.

Before we go further, let me share that we at Celebration Saunas specialize in Far Infrared Saunas. We are passionate about our product because we’ve experienced first-hand just how happy our customers are with their investment and the amazing health benefits they report back.

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Sauna Cost: A Couple Things To Consider

Here are a few things to consider:

  • The average cost of an infrared sauna in America in 2016 was just over $4,000.
  • At Celebration Saunas, our average customer spends about $2,500 within the range of $1,400 for our smallest saunas to $6,000 for our largest sauna.

How Do I Plan My Personal sauna Budget?

Assuming you are like most folks, and prefer to make your purchase from a reputable far infrared sauna company that has the option to install the your new sauna instead of installing it yourself  You can break your budget down into the following three categories:  The Base Package, The Patio Package, Options and Accessories.

  1. How Much Does The Base Package Cost?  The significant difference in price is going to depend on the sauna you choose.  A one person sauna will run between $1400 and $1700, whereas, our six person sauna will run up to $6000.
  2. What is the Patio Package?For customers looking to put their sauna outdoors it is important to purchase and outdoor cover.  If your sauna is outdoors you will limit your warranty to 7 years.  You will want to make sure that your sauna is placed on an outdoor surface where water cannot pool underneath your sauna.  An outdoor sauna cover will range in price from $1200 to $1600 and will delay the shipping of your sauna for 14 days.

Here’s a List of Potential Expenses For A far infrared sauna:

  1. The far infrared sauna
  2. Electrical requirement
Our 1 person saunas and 2 person saunas only require a standard household outlet 110v/15Amp circuit. Aurora-10.jpg
Our 3 person saunas and larger will require a dedicated 120v/20Amp circuit.  The price for an electrician will vary widely from region to region.  On average, the cost to install the breaker is $250 and $25 per foot for the copper wire to where the outlet is installed.SunRay-7.jpg
  1. Heater typeThe heater type you choose will affect the price of your sauna.  The newest Biophoton Nano-Carbon Zero EMF technology available in our commercial line of saunas will be more expensive than the Biophoton Nano-Carbon Low EMF technology available in our home saunas.
  2. Shipping CostsAll Celebration Saunas are shipped FREE in the Continental USA with FREE Lift Gate service a $400-$600 value.   Standard procedure is to ship your infrared sauna within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your order and payment authorization.BUDGETING TIP: Most companies include shipping but make sure before placing your order to avoid a surprise at checkout.  All Celebration Saunas are shipped free with the lift-gate add-on service included.

    Many of our competitors will charge extra for shipping and/or liftgate service or won’t have liftgate service available, a critical step in delivery to prevent damage.     In most cases, once your sauna is at your local terminal and the freight carrier has contacted you, you’ll have 3 business day to accept delivery.  Each additional day can incur a $100/day storage fee.

    At this very moment, I want to empower you.  No matter who you purchase your sauna from, be sure to inspect the packaging for damage and refuse any thing with giant fork holes or clear damage to the sauna.  If you have to refuse a sauna, Don’t sign the delivery receipt and don’t let the delivery driver pressure you into accepting damaged goods.  If you do decide to accept a damaged sauna, be sure to protect your investment by describing the damage on the delivery receipt and taking pictures of the damage.

  1. White Glove Sauna Installation Service.The white glove delivery process happens in much the same way as the saunas without white glove delivery except your driver will assemble and test the sauna and remove the pesky pallet and packaging when they leave.  There are service area restrictions for white glove delivery.
  1. Does The Shape Of The sauna Affect The Price?We are asked from time to time if the shape of the sauna affects the price. Actually, it’s the size, not the shape of the sauna that makes the difference. Basically, the larger the sauna the higher the price.
  1. Sauna Options and AccessoriesIt’s been our experience at Celebration Saunas that most folks only spend a few hundred dollars for the sauna cushion because unlike our competitors we include almost all industry accessories as a standard feature on all of our saunas.  Every Celebration Sauna includes backrests, oxygen ionizer, chromotherapy/ color light therapy, music and a full lifetime warranty.  Read More about sauna options in detail.

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So there you have it. far infrared sauna Pricing in a nutshell. Below, you’ll find links to other articles we’ve produced on far infrared saunas.

For a more comprehensive buying guide that answers not only budget related questions, but all of the most common questions people have when buying a far infrared sauna, check out our FREE eBook, How To Buy A Far infrared sauna in 2017.