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The 10 Best Home Sauna Accessories

Once you’ve found the perfect infrared sauna, the next step is to make it a place that you feel perfectly comfortable and at home. To that end, we’ve put together a list of THE most important home sauna accessories that you’ll want to lay your hands on.

Optimize Your Sauna Experience!

Our top ten essential sauna accessories:

  1. Hand-weights
  2. Guided Meditation or Music
  3. Wash Mitt/Scrubber
  4. Color Therapy Lighting
  5. Aromatherapy Kit
  6. Seat Cushions
  7. Backrest
  8. Sauna Towels
  9. LCD Monitor with DVD Player
  10. Sound System

Sound system

infrared sauna sound system

Hands down, the best accessory for a sauna is a high-quality sound system – a music player and speakers that can either pump out tunes or play gentle lullabies and natural sounds to soothe and relax you – or even play your podcast or lecture. Many people prefer a music player that can connect to an iPod or iPhone for optimal functionality – some prefer speakers with wireless Bluetooth connectivity that they can control directly from their smart phone, whatever the brand or operating system. Whatever components you select, a sound system can help you to set exactly the right mood and tailor the soundscape for your entire sauna session.
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home sauna towel

You might think that just any towels will do when it comes to your sauna. While you can, indeed, just use the towels from your bathroom, there are a number of advantages to buying a special set just for your sauna:

  • They’re always on hand, and you don’t need to worry about regularly transferring towels between your bathroom and sauna room.
  • The ideal sauna towel is different to the ideal shower/bath towel. It’s thinner, less fluffy, and smaller. Woven, high-thread-count linen and cotton towels tend to work best.
  • They can signal to your brain that it’s time to relax. The human brain tends to associate certain sensations – like sight and touch – with specific feelings, like calm and relaxation. Using designated sauna towels can help you to enter fully into the sauna experience.


Infrared sauna back-rest

Having a nice comfortable incline on which to lean against helps in relaxing to the fullest.  In traditional saunas, backrests aren’t typically available so this makes for a added feature when choosing and infrared sauna.  There are a range of options available, from the straight incline to lumbar curved backrest above . We’d recommend trying a few to discover which suits you best.
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Seat Cushion

Sauna Cushioninfrared sauna seat cushion

Using a seat cushion helps you to ensure that your sauna stays clean and looking new.  Its also the difference between a hard bench and a soft cushion.  Most sauna owners leave their sauna when they sell their home increasing the home value anywhere from $5000 to $10000.  Its a lot easier to sell that when the sauna still looks new and unused.  A valuable benefit when putting a waterproof Sunbrella Canvas seat cushion in your sauna.

Aromatherapy Kit

Doterra Petal DiffuserDoterra aromatherapy oils

What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?

Why You Should Choose doTERRA Essential Oils

You might be surprised at just how much tension or relaxation certain smells can invoke in your body. From birth and throughout our lives, we register sights, sounds, and smells, and associate them with positive or negative memories. Because of this, as well as possible genetic differences in the processing of various scents, everyone’s different when it comes to preferences – as well as how each scent will affect a person. An aromatherapy dispenser and warmer, along with a selection of quality essential oils, provide some great opportunities to maximize your relaxation and/or rejuvenation therapy in your sauna.Enhance your sauna session with doTerra Essential Oils.   Using an aromatherapy cup or dispenser in the sauna can provide a variety of unique health benefits.   Try these  101 Uses for doTERRA essential oils 

Color Light Therapy or Chromotherapy

Chakra Color Chart
Celebration Saunas Chakra Poster

Just as sounds and smells can inspire specific moods in us, colors can either soothe or invigorate us. Light panels are designed to provide soft, gentle light in the color range that most appeals to you. On the other hand, higher-end models can provide a range of colors that you can modify at will with a remote control. Take your meditation to the next level and align your chakras while quieting your mind in your infrared sauna.  Don’t pay more for this balancing light as most reputable sauna companies offer this luxurious and health-wise feature standard with every sauna.  There are a number of resources, guided meditation and charts to help you get the most from your chakra meditations and use of your sauna chromotherapy lighting.  One of the nicest features I have seen is color therapy lighting that is remote controlled so your meditation doesn’t have to be interrupted just so you can change the color.   Color therapy  is complimentary to such natural healing modalities as kinesiology and acupuncture.
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Dry Skin Brushing

dry brushing

Dry Bristle Brushing made with natural fibers  re-energizes your skin by sloughing off dead, dull, lifeless skin cells.  It stimulated natural healing by activating the lymphatic system, increasing circulation and facilitating detoxification.  Dry brushing can be especially beneficial in the middle of winter, we can often find ourselves neglecting our skin in favor of staying warm and cozy.  Try dry brushing during your sauna session.  Once you’ve worked up a good sweat, is an ideal time to remedy our dry neglected winter skin with a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells and reinvigorate your entire body.
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Guided Meditation or Music

meditation in a sauna

Help activate your parasympathetic nervous system with guided meditation and music.  Get into your sauna session and into yourself.  There are many teachers, techniques and schools of thought on meditation the key is finding the right one for you.  My favorite is Chakra Balancing  Stacey Dean & Gerald Jay Markoe  From the Album Chakra Balancing
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Hand Weights & Light Stretching

sauna exercise

Using therapy resistance bands or light hand weights early in your sauna session can help to increase body temperature and  your sweat production.  Easily sweat out lactic acid eliminating the day after workout blues and retain the stretch of your workouts with the soothing heat of far infrared.
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Best Detox Ever: Niacin, Exercise, Infrared Sauna


As you can see, there are all sorts of accessories that you can buy for your new sauna. These can help you to better relax or achieve your health goals by taking full advantage of your sauna sessions. And now that you know everything you need to know about fitting out your sauna – here’s a great YouTube clip to relax with:

3 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sounds Meditation

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