Home Sauna Kits – What Comes In The Package?

You’ve purchased your infrared sauna. The freight carrier has called you to schedule your delivery appointment. Here’s what you can expect. Our saunas come by freight, palletized, in one to six boxes depending on the size sauna that you choose. Your driver will arrive on an oversized freight truck equipped with a lift gate. Your driver will use the liftgate to lower your palletized sauna to the ground. He will then use a pallet jack to remove it from the street and onto the curb. This is all he is required to do, however, in most cases the driver will gladly bring it to your front door or your covered parking. The only thing preventing him from doing this would be a steep hill, a gravel driveway, an icy driveway or a half mile long driveway. Be sure to inspect the boxes for any damage and notate the delivery receipt before you sign.

Infrared sauna delivery


You’ve accepted your infrared sauna (maybe you were lucky enough to get yourself a 6 person infrared sauna) , now, how do you get your new home sauna off the pallet? You will need two people. 1 to stabilize the boxes and 1 to cut the straps. We never recommend trying to bring these boxes into your home. Opening the boxes outside and bringing the panels in one at a time will make for light fast work.

Image of infrared sauna packaging

You will want to identify the smaller of the large boxes and open this one first. This box will contain the floor, roof, bench, owners manual and accessories. Set the roof and bench aside for the very end. Stage the floor in the area where you will assemble your sauna.

Lunar-12 infrared sauna

Next, you want to bring in the side walls and stage them in the assembly area. The remaining small boxes will contain your back rests, oxygen ionizer & stereo. Once your sauna panels are staged you can begin assembly which will take 30 to 90 minutes depending on the size sauna you choose. The assembly of your sauna will not require any tools as we use a latching system for a perfect aligned fit. You will need a screwdriver for the radio, the magazine rack, the drink shelf and the towel rack.

Now that your sauna is together, it’s time to plug it in and enjoy. Don’t forget to cover the benches with towels to catch the sweat. It’s a good idea to lay a towel on the floor too. If you place a towel over your head it will encourage you to sweat and if you wipe away sweat with a towel it will also encourage you to sweat. You should notice subtle changes in your health after your first session and you’ll be amazed at how soft, smooth and supple your skin feels.

So there you have it. Take comfort in knowing that we treat the delivery of your infrared saunas as if they were our own. Learn the top 10 reasons to buy your infrared sauna from Celebration Saunas and why we’re the fastest growing sauna manufacturer with the highest rated customer service in the United States.

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