Sauna Kits

Corner Saunas – Fill That Empty Corner Space

You have been scouring the internet.  You have compared hundreds of far infrared sauna models but which sauna  makes the most sense for you?   There are 1 person saunas to 6 person saunas, corner saunas or straight saunas.  What size do you need?  What is the benefit of having a straight back sauna versus a […]

Home Sauna Kits – What Comes In The Package?

You’ve purchased your infrared sauna. The freight carrier has called you to schedule your delivery appointment. Here’s what you can expect. Our saunas come by freight, palletized, in one to six boxes depending on the size sauna that you choose. Your driver will arrive on an oversized freight truck equipped with a lift gate. Your […]

Sauna Kits – The Benefits of a Traditional Sauna in Your Home

Celebration Saunas Infrared Sauna Kits. Traditionally having an infrared sauna in your home was a costly and time intensive project for limited 10 minute convection sauna sessions.  Most steam and hot rock saunas can be unbearable for longer durations when the temperature is over 200 degrees.  With the advent of radiant far infrared, sauna kits […]