3 Person In Home Infrared Saunas

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The newest 3 person saunas available in the US. Bring home the relaxing benefits of a 3 person sauna combined with the therapeutic effects of far infrared. Ease Muscle tension and relieve joint pain in the comfort, convenience and cleanliness of your home. Experience the health benefits of deep sweating in as little as the first session. Sleep better, feel younger using the newest in sauna technology.

Constructed of Hypoallergenic kiln dried Canadian Hemlock or Canadian Cedar wood. Stretch out or share nearly 5 feet of bench space with family and friends. Easily control the temperature of your sauna with both interior and exterior control panels. Control your listening environment and set the mood with the included sound system. Read a book or meditate on the chakras guided by chromatherapy lighting.

Our exclusive Biophotonic Infrared Nano-carbon heating panels have a lifespan of 20,000 hours and emit far infrared light tuned to match the frequency of human infrared in the form of body heat to maximize health benefits.

Celebration Saunas guarantees your 3 person sauna investment by providing all replacement parts and shipping for as long as you own your sauna.
See our selection of three person saunas below and see for yourself why we’re the fastest growing sauna manufacturer in the United States.

Showing all 17 results