Comet 2 Person Low EMF Home Far Infrared Corner Sauna

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  • 2 Person Capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 49″ x 48″ x 76″ (Account for the exterior light Add 2″ for the roof overhang).
    • You must be able to walk around the sauna during assembly.
    • You must have a minimum of 6″ above the sauna for assembly.
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 43″ x 45″ x 68″
  • 7 BioPhoton Nano-Carbon Low EMF  Far Infrared Heat Emitters
  • Radio w/CD and MP3 auxiliary connection with Bluetooth Capability & Two Dynamic Speakers
  • Interior and exterior LED control panel
  • Interior chromotherapy lighting with Remote
  • 2 Backrests
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Towel Rack
  • Magazine Rack
  • Exterior Ambient Lighting
  • Clear Tempered glass door (WHD) 22″ x 0.28″ x 61″
  • Roof Vent
  • Grade A Canadian hemlock wood construction with non-toxic stain
  • Electrical service: 120V/15amp
  • Clasp together assembly
  • Comet Assembly Manual
  • Comet Schematic
  • Comet Wattage Diagram
  • Radio User Manual
  • Total Wattage: 1650
  • Shipping Weight: 395lbs
  • Box A  69″ x 47″ x 6″
  • Box B  69″ x 29″ x 6″
  • Box C  49″ x 47″ x 11″

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The Comet 2 Person Corner Infrared Sauna is the definition of luxury. Its efficient corner design makes a beautiful addition to any room. 7 BioPhonton Nano-Carbon ™ Infrared Heater panels provide maximum coverage and absorption of infrared light. Complete with chromotherapy lighting, Radio w/CD, and MP3 auxiliary connection. The dual interior and exterior LED soft touch panels to allow for easy temperature control. With our Easy clasp design assembly takes only an hour.

Additional information

Weight345 lbs
Dimensions49 × 48 × 76 in

7 reviews for Comet 2 Person Low EMF Home Far Infrared Corner Sauna

  1. Tim Sample

    I purchased the Comet sauna about 3 months ago to use for heavy metal poisoning and weight loss. It has worked wonderfully and we love this sauna. The service and price we received from Katie, the owner of Celebration Saunas has been simply fabulous! We would recommend both the sauna and Celebration Saunas to anyone, very helpful, very competitive and very professional.

  2. George DeMeglio (verified owner)

    We are so happy to have purchased the sauna. We spent multiple days contemplating where to place the sauna in our home. Some areas we thought of would have cost us thousands of dollars to renovate. Regardless of cost we did not want to go through aggravation of construction. In the same breathe I didn’t want the sauna in our bedroom. Begrudgingly we decided our bedroom was our best choice.
    Turns out to be a great choice. The sauna is so beautiful, and it is an attraction. The location so practical. We saved a ton a money and time not going through renovation.
    Installation for use was easy, because a local Palm Coast handyman assembled it after assembling two other Celebration Saunas. We thought it would take a couple of guys to assemble the sauna in our bedroom upstairs. He was able to assemble by himself. He walked them up one panel at a time. The panels are not extremely heavy or overall awkward.
    The cost of sauna was affordable. The best price we found. It makes us feel good knowing Celebration Saunas has a lifetime warranty.
    We LOVE the Sauna. Easy to use, works up sweat. We are so happy to have the sauna. We would recommend this sauna everything. The next time we are going with a bigger one. It would be nice to lie down.

  3. Lee (verified owner)

    Our sauna arrived in perfect condition, earlier than was estimated which was great. Wilson trucking did an excellent job in notification of delivery time, and the driver placed the sauna in the garage for us. My wife and I setup our sauna upstairs and were done in about 1 1/2 hours but that was mostly transport from garage to the second story. Since we have had our sauna we use it twice a day and every thing works perfectly. We are very satisfied with our purchase from Celebration Saunas and will be recommending them to all who inquire about our sauna.

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    Excellent product, very pleased

  5. John Montoya (verified owner)

    I just got delivery last week and have used it almost every day, It was easy to put together and get it set up in my one of my bedrooms. It works wonderful and I’m very happy with it features as well as how it looks and fits into my home. The delivery was awesome and the driver even brought the unit on a pallet into my garage for me. Very happy with the product as well as the service from Celebration Sauna.

  6. Lisa Williams (verified owner)

    I got my sauna at the beginning of April and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is absolutely beautiful and truly healing. I am quite ill with many health related issues and this has been worth every penny as another option in my total healthcare plan. My husband has actually used it even more than myself and he literally says its the best purchase I have ever made. We are not people who have many luxuries in life and so this purchase was one I made after much thought and lots of stressful cutbacks, since for us cost is truly an issue and buying this effected many aspects of our budget. The reason I am bringing this up is that for people like us its is hard to make a decision to spend this kind of money BUT I would do it again in a moment and I want any person who is ill with any muscular-skeletal issues or auto-immune diseases that you really do need this in your life if you can possibly make it work. Also, I wanted to add our experience putting it together was not quite as good as most people on here BUT once we got it together it has been a dream. I am in awe of all the people that said they were able to put it together in an hour or two. Either we are clueless (I’m a former counselor and my husband has always been a handyman and carpenter beside running a warehouse) or everyone else is a genius lol. It wasn’t the logistics that were hard it was more of getting things to fit together and holding things up including the heavy solid glass door, BUT again even though it may have taken us more like 4-5 hours and calling my son-in-law to help but once it was together it has been perfection. If I could give this more than five starts I would. Also I wanted to mention that Katie who answers the phone at the office is amazing, kind, and wonderful! I would never go with any other company and am currently recommending Celebration to my Acupuncturist who is in the market for a Sauna. Celebration is the best as far as I’m concerned and I hope this helps anyone who is in the market.

    • Katie Hopkins-DeCicco (verified owner)

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so very much for your wonderful review. I am glad to hear that your sauna is up and running and you’re enjoying it. I appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing our product and service.

      If I can ever be of help to you, please do let me know. I am here to support your long term health goals.

      In Good Health,

      Katie Hopkins-DeCicco
      Toll Free: 855-728-6248
      Fax: 800-909-2044
      Direct: 720-583-2721
      [email protected]

  7. Ryan Sisson (verified owner)

    I don’t often write reviews unless the service and/or product are truly exceptional. This is certainly the case for Celebration Saunas! First of all, the service was top notch. Between the extremely educational website (nothing else compares) and speaking with Katie (the owner) all of my questions were answered. This is a big purchase and it is important to get it right. Katie was very helpful; she answered all of my questions and made the process incredibly easy. I will admit that I was tempted to “cheap out” and buy a used sauna off Craigslist before coming across Celebration Saunas website. Then I thought about how much time and money I would spend when something inevitably goes wrong; like a heater going out. This is not a concern with Celebration Saunas as their warranty is best in class.

    My Comet 2 person sauna arrived ahead of schedule and in perfect condition. It is clearly high quality and just the right size for my home. It works great and I am already feeling positive results after only a few days of use! Save yourself the time comparing and contrasting between all of the sauna companies on the internet. Use that time to do all of your research at to ensure you are well educated. Their site is, by far, the most informative one you will find. On top of that, they have the best saunas and the best prices. Very easy. You will not be sorry buying from them.

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