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19 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying An Infrared Sauna

We’ve found that there is a relationship between the amount of research done by a client and how happy they are with their home sauna transformation. At Celebration Saunas, we make a genuine effort to provide as much reliable information as possible.

We are excited about the prospect of your family owning a sauna! And the purpose of this article is to empower you with the information needed to help you decide which sauna is right for you, which is the best infrared sauna for home use, and how to avoid common mistakes when buying your sauna.

19 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying an Infrared Sauna

When you are looking to install a home sauna, one of the first decisions you will have to make is what type of sauna you want. Do you want an infrared sauna or the traditional hot rock or steam sauna? What room of your home will you put your sauna in? Do you need something built-in or will a standalone kit be a better more cost-effective option? Most experts recommend that you obtain an infrared sauna kit for its many health benefits, space versatility, and ease of use and maintenance. A hot rock or steam sauna can be constructed as big as you want and be custom fit to your space whereas an infrared sauna cannot be. When opting for steam or hot rock sauna you also forgo the tremendous health benefits that only far infrared offers. And an infrared sauna has the cheapest initial cost, making it ideal for those who want a sauna but don’t have a lot of money to spend. A home infrared sauna kit works best for the majority of homeowners.

Mistake #1 – Sauna Types – Not choosing the sauna that is going to maximize your health benefits.

Traditional Saunas Today most traditional home-style saunas use an Electric Sauna heater as it allows the choice of a dry or wet sauna. This is the most well-known style still predominantly used in the United States but fewer are being built each year due to the change in sauna technology. The traditional steam and dry heat saunas use convection heat, meaning that we heat the air and then heat the body. This type of heat only penetrates the body about 3mm deep and your sweat only contains 3% toxins released from the body. You are familiar with convection heat in your oven and if you find it difficult to sit in steam or dry heat saunas as they reach temperatures near 200 degrees remember you can make a mean dinner roast at about 200 degrees in your convection oven. People who have stayed in this convection environment too long have died. There are many health benefits related to sweating otherwise people wouldn’t be doing this for thousands of years, but today there is a better, safer way to sweat with profound health benefits just not found in a convection-heated sauna. Over the centuries this type of sauna is known for its healing and detoxification properties but with the advent of far infrared, the healing benefits of sauna have broadened and can be experienced more rapidly with a longer-lasting health impact with the use of far-infrared. In a traditional sauna, many individuals with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular health are recommended to limit sauna sessions due to the intense heat stressing the body. This is not the case with far infrared sauna and it is used in many hospitals specifically to treat cardiovascular disease.

Near-infrared is all around us today. We use it to control our TV or mouse remotely. Not until the 1950s did Near-Infrared make its debut in its first industrial application for optical devices. In the 1980s, Near-infrared was focused more on chemical analysis and later became a powerful scientific research tool. Traditionally near-infrared was used in scientific laboratories and medical instruments for calibration, diagnostics, agriculture, food, and production of pharmaceutical compounds. Not until the first decade of the new millennium, did Near-infrared make its way into a sauna. Near-infrared light is closest in wavelength to visible light and is the size of cells. As Near-infrared light penetrates the skin and acts upon the water molecules of the cell for normalized cellular pH.

Near-infrared is the newest light feature for infrared saunas. At the manufacturing level, many of these red light bulbs on the market are not used for health benefits so much as they are used to provide convection heat in the sauna. Most sauna companies are not calibrating their thermostats to measure the temperature at your chin instead temperature is measured at the roof making it difficult to get the whole sauna cabinet the actual temperature reading displayed on the control panel. Near-Infrared Heat Emitters are typically Quartz with a reflector to concentrate the heat in a particular direction. Near-Infrared Bulbs are rated 250W and their bulbs must be replaced every two years when using the older technology. Be sure to ask your sales representative for the lifetime hours of their near-infrared heaters.

There has been a big debate over the use of near-infrared in a sauna environment as to whether or not it is beneficial. The idea behind near-infrared is simply adding another bandwidth of natural sunlight to current phototherapies. Our maximum natural exposure to near-infrared light occurs in the morning at dawn and in the evening at dusk. In the morning, natural near-infrared light preps our skin for vitamin D absorption and protects our skin from the midday sun. At dusk, natural near-infrared light has restorative properties from the midday sun. Much of the studies related to near-infrared are limited to localized treatment areas resulting in improved wound healing, anti-aging of the skin, near-infrared has been shown to kill some cancer cells. A recent study, Brain Photobiomodulation Therapy concluded that “Near-infrared (NIR) light is an innovative treatment for a wide range of neurological and psychological conditions. NIR stimulates the mitochondrial respiratory chain and increases ATP synthesis. NIR therapy enhances the metabolic capacity of neurons and stimulates anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, and antioxidant responses, as well as neurogenesis and synaptogenesis. Its therapeutic role in disorders such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease, as well as to treat stroke, brain trauma, and depression has gained increasing interest.” Although NIR has been studied over the last decade with positive results there are more than 70 years of clinical documentation supporting the wide-reaching health benefits of far infrared technology. Near-Infrared has been studied only in the last decade and the majority of these studies focus on skin health. Studies indicate that NIR has a healing and rejuvenation effect on the skin.

As far-infrared sauna studies and technology trickled around the world in the 1970s the home far infrared sauna made its way silently into the American marketplace. Around the mid-1970’s the first consumer-grade far infrared sauna occupied the tiny slice of the now multi-billion dollar detoxification industry. Here infrared saunas were largely ignored and only bragged about by their owners. They used a dangerous ceramic tube heater technology to produce far-infrared light. These heaters posed a safety hazard due to the heating and cooling of the ceramic material, which would develop fine lines and cracks that could turn into cherry-red charcoal. Only in the last 10 years have the new, safer, Carbon Technology become available which has revolutionized the entire sauna industry. You will find traditional sauna manufacturers now offer a line of carbon far infrared saunas due to the rapid growth in demand for this technology.

Far infrared sauna technology produces radiant heat. Radiant heat warms a molecule directly. In a properly calibrated far infrared heater of 9.4 microns, the light will act directly on your cells exciting them with vibration and energy to more efficiently carry out cellular functioning to an optimal level of homeostasis. In fact, a bandwidth of 9.4 microns of far infrared light is the exact output of far infrared light the human body produces in the form of body heat. Far infrared light emissions measured at 9.4 microns are called biophotons.

“When purchasing a far infrared sauna you want to be sure a company can document how often the far infrared light is at exactly 9.4 microns or if the far infrared heater emits biophotons. You are looking for a company with biophoton emissions with a number of 85% or greater”.

Far infrared biophotons confirmed by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp are the particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells. His work shows that DNA in living cells stores and releases photons, creating biophoton emissions. These biophoton emissions are released in the form of far infrared light and are the power source of our cells. When we are in optimal health, we emit more light and in poorer health, we emit less light. The infrared light produced by our far infrared sauna heater technology and in your own body is the mechanism for cellular communication and healing.

“The application of biophoton far infrared charges the body like a battery at the cellular level to speed up metabolic processes. Biophotons hold the keys to the quality of life of all living beings… for detoxification and healing”. Dr. Alim EL-BEY, Quantum Physicist

Celebration Saunas BioPhoton infrared technology is the most efficient means for infrared absorption into the human body with 87% emission of 9.4 microns of biophoton far infrared. The application of biophoton far infrared light to the human body has an astounding number of health benefits. Doctors and hospitals around the country are using a far-infrared sauna to treat chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and cardiovascular health. Lyme disease specialists across the country are using a far-infrared sauna to kill Lyme parasite antibiotics can’t reach. Cancer centers are treating patients with far infrared to detox residual toxic materials traditional cancer treatments leave behind. They are also able to measure how fast a tumor can shrink and die off when far-infrared light is applied to cancer cells with heat shock proteins of 70 or less. Obesity specialists have enlisted the aid of fa- infrared sauna to eliminate environmental toxins from the subcutaneous fat layer of our skin and the associated inflammation, a root cause of obesity. There are more health advantages of far infrared than we can go over in this guide but for the rest of us we experience pain relief, improved mood, better sleep, more energy, an increased appetite for healthy foods, weight loss, or weight gain depending on your body’s mechanism to eliminate environmental toxins, improved immunity during cold and flu season and maybe the most important benefit for my brothers and sisters over forty, is the rejuvenation effects of your skin. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and clean and will appear younger as the primary cause of wrinkling and fine lines are the dead skin cells that accumulate in our common facial expression areas.

Portable infrared saunas are a short-term investment for people who frequently travel and have already made infrared sauna part of their health regimen. These saunas are extremely portable and are often offered for $150 to $800 depending on the quality. You cannot purchase replacement heaters or components for these saunas and rarely do they have a warranty in excess of a year. They all use an older far infrared carbon technology that emits the entire bandwidth of far infrared light between 5 and 15 microns in equal parts but your body reflects all but 9.4 microns. Many of these sauna heaters lack the opposing EMF heater layer and lack the EMF shielding that contributes to their high EMF fields. Although you can experience some benefits from these saunas it is important to consider the materials they are made from and the toxins these saunas can outgas. Plastics, foam, polyester can all outgas when heat is applied. Many of these types of saunas do produce high EMF levels that are over 100mG in some areas. Due to the close proximity of the heaters and electronic components to your body, you may consider purchasing a sauna with lower EMF readings. Most of these units come with a small portable chair to sit with your head and hands out of the sauna. We lose significant heat from the top of our head so your body is able to cool itself using the air temperature around it limiting the promotion of sweat production, the whole point of using a sauna.

Mistake #2 Buying from a third-party reseller, not the manufacturer.

As Celebration Saunas grew in the industry, we came to understand that we were only as good as the saunas we sold and the support we could provide customers long after their purchase. Early in my career, we did not always receive great saunas, and sometimes not even acceptable ones. We Needed To Control Our Own Destiny, and we decided the only way to be the best far infrared sauna company was to manufacture our own saunas. We had a clear vision of what a far infrared sauna should be, for you, and we felt destined to make it a reality. We wanted a sauna we Would Want In Our Own Home. Partnering with Golden Designs Inc., in Ontario, CA allowed us to do exactly that. One of the things we love most about the partnership are the prices we can deliver to our customers and the freedom to provide all our customers all the common industry accessories, with a full lifetime warranty at a savings of over $1000 when compared with our competitors.

In 2007, Golden Designs started purchasing the Chinese factories that were constructing what would become our Maxxus Sauna line, our Dynamic Sauna Line and our Golden Designs sauna line.

In an Interview with Dave Davis, David Cheng of Golden Designs, Inc. talks about the things he looks for in a manufacturer.

“What we found when we visited China is that most factories just care about making a product and profit. They are not concerned with the safety and well-being of the end user. When new American importers enter into the infrared sauna industry, an inexperienced importer will ask the factory for lower prices. The factories are willing to use inferior foreign wood from eastern Europe or China, and false UL labeled electrical wires and electronic components to make their product, regardless if it is safe for the end user all to drive down the pricing. What we did, was ask, How much for the best wood, the best electronic components, the best heaters. Still, we wanted more control over the actual manufacturing. It was important to us to design and maintain safe quality saunas and lead the industry in safety and quality. We design every element of our saunas with quality, durability, and safety in mind. As the largest infrared sauna manufacturer and importer of infrared saunas, your health and safety is our number one priority. There is a reason we sell 12,000 saunas each year. We have the highest quality standards, at the most affordable prices and thanks to Celebration Saunas an enviable customer service experience”.

The 10 things David Cheng looks for when purchasing a manufacturing facility

  1. Does the factory follow safety and high-quality manufacturing standards? Safety is our number one priority, and we would not be who we are today without that core value.
  2. What is the environment the employees are working under? Unhappy and unsafe working conditions make it impossible to construct quality saunas. Poor working conditions and safety accidents contribute to manufacturing slowdowns. Our facility improvements prevent accidents, create a healthy working environment, and improves the overall quality of our saunas.
  3. Wood quality is important to us because we want to make the best saunas possible. We only purchase grade “A” quality wood from Canada for its wood grain properties, it is also free of wood bur holes. We inspect all raw material arriving from Canada from the grade, the evenness, and the age of the wood. Here is a picture of how we store our wood.
Celebration Saunas Raw Materials Storage
Celebration Saunas raw materials storage

As you can see our competitors not only purchase lower grade woods but they take less care in inspecting and storing the wood that will be used for sauna construction. We’ve seen facilities storing wood outdoors in toxic rain conditions in China and then using these inferior materials to build saunas.

Clearlight Saunas, Healthmate and Almost Heaven manufacturing facilities

Leading competitor manufacturing facilities
Look at the air quality and the dust in our competitor manufacturing facilities. Mishandling of wood and storing wood outdoors in toxic rain conditions in China and then using it to construct your sauna. The toxic wood and dust will adhere to the wood and glues that can be inhaled by the end user.

Clearlight Saunas, Healthmate and Almost Heaven manufacturing facilities
Poor Factory conditions
  1. After inspecting the raw wood we receive from Canada, we kiln dry the wood for 4 days to burn away resins and oils that can outgas during a sauna session. The kiln drying process makes the wood hypoallergenic but also strengthens the wood to prevent bending, bowing, warping, splintering, and breakage. Here is a picture of our oven.
Celebration Saunas Kiln Drying Oven Facilities
  1. A critical part of constructing an infrared sauna is starting with a solid foundation. Many of our competitors will use rotted, broken, glued and stapled wood to create the frame of your sauna. Compounding this structural support problem is that either Chinese Hemlock or European Spruce is commonly used in place of a heartier solid hemlock or cedar wood. Here are a few examples.
The pictures below are of our competitor factories. You’d be surprised at what leading competitors are building their sauna frames with broken, glued wood and then selling them to you at a premium.
Clearlight Saunas, Healthmate and Almost Heaven manufacturing facilities Broken pieces for inner frame
Broken pieces for inner frame

Poor Quality non hemlock wood used in inner frame Clearlight Saunas, Healthmate and Almost Heaven manufacturing facilities broken pieces frame
Poor Quality non-hemlock wood used in inner frame broken pieces frame
Competitor Sauna Framing- note the broken and stapled support panels
  1. Here are images of our factory and how we ensure each wall is framed with solid support boards using either solid Canadian Hemlock or Canadian Red Cedar.
Celebration Saunas uses solid wood in either Canadian Hemlock or Canadian Red Cedar to construct the frame of your sauna for long-lasting durability and support.
Avoid Companies that use excessive glue used during construction.
  1. Another consideration in the structural integrity of the sauna is the thickness of the wood planks used to construct the sauna. All our saunas are constructed with 7mm thick planks, this helps with strength, durability, and heat retention.
Wood Production Facility
Wood Panel Preparation 7mm Thick
Wall Construction Preparation

Mistake #3 – Not Identifying the highest quality heater that maximizes health benefits.

The Three Types of Far Infrared Sauna Heaters

There is a multitude of different types of Far Infrared heaters for a multitude of applications. Infrared heaters consist mainly of passing a current through a material like ceramic or carbon, so the material is energized to radiate invisible far-infrared light. Obviously, in a sauna, we want to look for the heater that most closely matches the human body’s output of far infrared. We produce our own far-infrared light in the form of body heat at exactly 9.4 microns. Makes sense that your body would have zero resistance to body heat so you want to look for a heater that most closely matches the body. You want a heater that emits 9.4 microns of far infrared light 85% of the time or better. Having an understanding of each sauna heater technology will make your sauna heater decision easier.

So what are the different types of heaters used to create far infrared light? The three main types of infrared sauna heaters are Ceramic, steel Incoloy & carbon.

  1. Ceramic Infrared Sauna Heaters were the first mainstream heater for sauna application as you recall in the 1950s. This is the only infrared sauna technology that we had for more than fifty years. Ceramic infrared sauna heaters are long skinny tubes that when we pass a current through the ceramic compounds of the sauna heaters they begin generating intense heat. Ceramic material is a powerful energy conductor that allows ceramic materials to absorb and radiate infrared better than any other material. Ceramic sauna heaters are made in two ways one is similar to light bulbs in shape and emits light in 360 degrees around the bulb. Sauna companies using these heaters place reflective metal trays behind these heaters to bounce light back into the sauna room and Metal Face Plates designed to protect the sauna user actually blocks infrared transmission. These ceramic heaters can contain cement and asbestos. The other type of ceramic heater has a high glass content that uses concave ceramic heaters that are able to spread infrared heat waves in a 180º pattern. These ceramic heaters emit a bandwidth of far infrared light between 5 to 15 microns equally and can have surface temperatures between 350 and 400 °F. EMF levels in these saunas are high due to insufficient EMF shielding a non-canceling wire and non-insulating metal surface. A significant problem with a ceramic heater in a sauna environment is that the heater gets too hot and can cause a blistering burn if you get too close. As these heaters age, they can develop fine lines and cracks that can turn into cherry red charcoals an obvious fire hazard if they are not replaced in a timely manner anywhere between 2 years and 5 years. These cherry-red charcoals that develop on Ceramic emitters get so hot that they have scorched the backrests of saunas. Unfortunately, technology has not developed a safety shutoff sensor to alert users of defects in the ceramic. The amount of heat coming from the ceramic heater creates a convection environment causing stress on the body limiting your desired health benefits and sweat production. Being too hot in the sauna will also limit your comfort and time spent in the sauna. The bandwidth of far infrared light in ceramic heaters is so wide, there are limitations of the health benefits you get from each sauna session.
  2. The next type of heater you may see is the Steel/Incoloy Rod Heaters:
    Similar to ceramic heaters in design. Steel Incoloy rod heaters are the least expensive heater at the manufacturing level. These are commonly made from Incoloy, steel, and silica sand that tends to short out screw thread inserts that join the current to the heater. These heaters get extremely hot and always have reflector trays to bounce light into the room and to protect surrounding surfaces from a potential fire hazard. The downfall with this emitter is the high heat shortens the far-infrared wave well below 5 microns. These infrared heaters are used in many commercial applications like curing paint, commercial foodservice, to indoor and outdoor space heating to name a few. Incoloy rod heaters have a short lifespan usually 1 to 2 years and EMF levels are high due to insufficient EMF shielding and non-insulating metal surface. Ceramic heaters and Incoloy heaters should never be placed on the floor of a sauna. The Infrared light spectrum produced by Incoloy heat emitters is too broad to really maximize the effectiveness of sauna use and is only used by a handful of manufacturers. The design of ceramic or steel Incoloy saunas limits your body’s exposure to direct infrared coverage of the shoulders, neck, and head. You really want to make sure that you maximize your cell-to-cell skin exposure to biophoton far-infrared light.
  3. Far Infrared Carbon Panel Heaters.
    Today, not only are saunas standard equipment in gyms, health spas, and hotels but infrared sauna therapy is regularly used at hospitals and university clinics. In the early 2000s, far Infrared Sauna bathing has developed into a regular form of treatment complementing everything from physical therapeutic measures, cardiac disorders, and circulatory maladies, to complementary cancer treatment and the treatment of Lyme Parasite, Mold toxicity, Metal toxicity, and a multitude of other ailments. I talk more about these in the Health Benefits section of our website. Your body effectively and efficiently absorbs infrared light at 9.4 microns exactly because the human body produces far-infrared light at exactly 9.4 microns in the form of body heat. That’s right the whole point of using any far infrared sauna is to absorb body heat. Makes sense that if you charge the body with its own energy, your body, in turn, will have all the energy needed to bring the body to a level of homeostasis. In choosing your heater, you really want to maximize your health benefits in the shortest amount of time. As you shop the many far infrared sauna companies, you will want to ask,

“What is the bandwidth of far infrared light emitted from your heaters and how often?”

The shorter and longer waves of the far-infrared 5 to 15-micron bandwidth have little to no health benefits as they are not absorbed as readily and do not pass as deeply as the proper 9.4-micron bandwidth of far infrared light.

Carbon fiber heaters were a huge technology change in the sauna industry that introduced a more even distribution of heat and solved the safety issues of overheating ceramic elements and hot spots that could scorch the sauna walls and backrests. The malleability of carbon meant the surface area could be expanded for a fuller whole body coverage when positioned around the body, for cell to cell charging. Fiber carbon heaters also made sauna usage more energy-efficient costing owners half that of a traditional sauna. The introduction of fiber carbon panels presented a safer more efficient way of delivering far infrared more closely tuned to the human body. Many infrared carbon sauna heater panels on the market use the first carbon panel technology that was introduced around 2007. The first carbon heaters still used today are the least expensive carbon heating panel. These heaters emit a bandwidth of far infrared light from 5 to 15 microns with a concentrated emission of the desired 9.4 microns approximately 50% of the time.

In recent years,, Inc. & Golden Designs, Inc. has developed the Biophoton, Nano-carbon heater technology that produces the desired 9.4 microns of light 87% of the time. As you choose your sauna and research the multitude of sauna companies out there. A good way to differentiate each company and the quality of their sauna heaters is to ask, “What is the micron range of your heaters?”

Types of Carbon Heaters:

First Generation Carbon Heaters: If the micron range of a carbon sauna heater is between 5 and 15 microns you are looking at 1st generation heaters. 1st generation heaters have a larger surface than their ceramic counterpart and are made by impregnating carbon between two fiberglass sheets. The EMF output on these heaters can be over 100mG. The life expectancy of this older heater technology is about 2 years.

Second-generation carbon heater technology, the micron range has narrowed to 7 to 14 microns. These heaters are made from the same fiberglass as their predecessor but instead use nano-carbon ink. Due to industry demand, the EMF output on these heaters is significantly lower ranging from 10 to 35 mG depending on the manufacturing specifications. It’s a good idea to ask what the EMF levels are in the sauna you choose. The life expectancy of these heaters is about 5 years.

Third-generation carbon heater technology and 2nd generation nano-carbon heater technology meet Low EMF technology. The Micron range has narrowed further 8 to 10 microns and the EMF levels are under 10 milligauss (mG). These are the most common heaters used in-home saunas. These carbon heaters are durable enough to last 50 years.

Fourth Generation and the Newest heater technology. If you are looking at sauna heaters that are 8 to 10 microns emitting exactly 9.4 microns of far infrared light 87% of the time and the EMF levels are near 0 or 0.3 you are looking at the newest Biophoton, Nano-carbon heater technology available. Biophoton Nano-carbon heaters are thin, wide, and lightweight. These heaters use all non-toxic materials, have extraordinarily low EMF levels, and are very energy efficient. Biophoton Nano-carbon sauna heaters are hospital grade where an EMF of 0 is required as we do encounter EMF-sensitive clients. Biophoton Nano-carbon far infrared heaters are extremely durable and have an average life expectancy of 50 years.

As you shop, you will want to look for heaters that will maximize the peak human output of 9.4 microns of far infrared light. A biophoton far infrared sauna will allow you to sweat more quickly at significantly lower temperatures as perfectly tuned far-infrared light vibrates through the body charging all the cells in its path. Far infrared applied to the water molecules of our bodies excites the molecule causing ionic bonds to break down and release encapsulated toxins. This same far-infrared radiant heat increases your core to an immune-boosting, low-grade fever and an invigorating toxin releasing sweat, more comfortably than ever before.

For us, end-to-end manufacturing means that we make our own heaters. Our factory produces our own Biophoton Zero EMF sauna heating panels instead of relying on a third party ensuring only best quality, non-toxic materials are used. These Biophotons are the foundation of how we’ve designed our heaters. We wanted a heater that would deliver you the most health benefits in the shortest period of time. We have made it our mission to produce a heater that creates these essential Biophotons to heal your body from the inside out while still durable enough to last long into the future (an average life expectancy of 50 years). The fruit of our efforts is our exclusive cutting-edge Biophoton Nano Carbon Heater Technology that produces Biophoton Far Infrared light at 9.4 microns at a rate of 87%, maximizing your health benefits in the shortest amount of time. As gentle, soothing biophotons penetrate the body they charge every cell to its maximum capacity allowing each cell the energy to bring itself to a level of homeostasis. Many of our clients tell us they feel differences in their skin, their pain, their energy, and their sleep in as little as one session.

Our Biophoton heaters are manufactured with 7 layers of compression. This seals the carbon within the middle of these layers and lowers EMF output. We use an opposing EMF layer to the backside of the heater to negate EMF coming off the front. Our home saunas emit 10mG at the heater and 5mG at the bench. Our commercial hospital-grade saunas emit 1.6mG at the heater and 0.3mG at the bench.

All Celebration Saunas are constructed with the newest Biophoton Nano-carbon Infrared Sauna technology and to make our saunas safe we further reduce EMF levels through the use of proper UL certified gauge wiring with heavy-duty insulation, EMF shielding, and steel enclosed electrical components. How your sauna is wired directly affects the output of EMF. All our saunas come with UL-certified wiring and components. For all you electricians out there, the lead power cord for our saunas is 16AWG UL certified with high-temperature resistance. Our Voltage is based on 120V 60Hz. The power deviation is +5%/-10% and more stable than our competitors. Higher wattage carbon heaters have a higher surface temperature to provide better heating performance at the defined 9.4-micron range. Therefore, we use the maximum number of 300W heaters in all of our sauna models. The more heaters in a sauna the less wattage you have to distribute to each heater. Fewer large 300-watt heaters vs. more 200 watt heaters provide more benefits when the available sauna wattage is the same.

None of this would be possible without our deep conviction that far infrared saunas bring tremendous health benefits to everyone who uses them. We design every element of our sauna with quality, durability, and safety in mind. As the largest infrared sauna manufacturer and importer of infrared saunas, your health and safety are our number one priority.

Mistake #4 Purchasing a sauna without electrical certifications

The mistake of competitors is using cheap wiring configurations; that are not shielded and poorly insulated, as well as, thin gauge wires not designed to hold up to the electrical load the sauna will require. Light gauge wiring with thin insulation does not hold up well over time and you can expect to replace components that are overloaded. These new importers can also make the mistake of having an unenclosed central processing unit, power converters, junction blocks, and circuit board relays. Excess heat from unenclosed electrical components can dry out the wood. Open electronic components and a wood box quite frankly equal fire hazards.

“Manufacturing Safe saunas is at the heart of what we do. I am looking to see if electrical connections are up to ETL codes and standards for safety. Make sure all power supply heating panels pass all ETL standards and codes. To make our saunas safe we further reduce EMF levels through the use of proper UL certified gauge wiring with heavy-duty insulation, EMF shielding, and steel enclosed electrical components. How your sauna is wired directly affects the output of EMF. All our saunas come with UL-certified wiring and components. The lead power cord for our saunas is 16AWG UL certified with high-temperature resistance. Our Voltage is based on 120V 60Hz. The power deviation is +5%/-10% and more stable than our competitors. Higher wattage carbon heaters have a higher surface temperature to provide better heating performance at the defined 9.4-micron range. Therefore, we use the maximum number of 300W heaters in all of our sauna models. The more heaters in a sauna the less wattage you have to distribute to each heater. Fewer large 300-watt heaters vs. more 200 watt heaters provide more benefits when the available sauna wattage is the same”. David Cheng – Golden Designs, Inc.

A sauna is only as good as the component installed. And there are certainly many sauna importers who currently find themselves in the same situation I was in years ago with no control over the manufacturing process or the quality of their products.

Electrical Certifications are important when purchasing a sauna Laws require certification of electrical equipment for safety in many countries around the world and require that these certifications are found on every piece of electrical equipment. Electrical certification assures you that your sauna has been tested to meet safety and performance standards. Most of us don’t notice the safety icons on nearly all our electronics but without a safety agency listing, there is no proof that a product passes electrical and safety standards. So it is a good idea to look for them.

Although unlikely, the risk of buying a non-certified sauna still exists. The far infrared sauna industry is relatively small and new in the United States. New brands with inexperience in international business can make critical mistakes when directing manufacturers to make your sauna. These rookie mistakes can impact the quality and safety of your sauna. Knowing how long a company has been in business if they own the manufacturing facilities, and what electrical certifications they hold should be a consideration when deciding on which company to purchase your sauna from.

At Celebration Saunas, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality and safety standards in the industry because we are committed to your safety as our #1 Priority. Our certifications assure you that our infrared saunas have met a level of quality construction, as well as safety and performance standards Celebration Saunas is partnered with the largest American manufacturer of infrared saunas in the country. We own 3 manufacturing facilities in China and are importing 12,000 saunas each year. We keep an inventory of 4,000 saunas at any one time. As you compare companies, be sure they carry the appropriate safety certifications. Celebration Saunas have been tested and approved by safety agencies and our saunas bear the CE and ETL certifications and UL testing results. At Celebration Saunas, we list our safety certifications on our website and they can be found below.


  1. Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) was founded in 1896 by Thomas Edison and is one of the oldest product safety testing laboratories in the world. Certification by ETL and ETL-C assures you that all At Celebration Saunas all sauna models have been tested to meet both US and Canadian safety and performance standards ensuring that products are safe, reliable, and of good quality.ETL certificate_6225
    ETL for 6215 & 6315 plus others
    ETL certificate (6254, 6354, 6264, 6273, etc)
    For more information about Celebration Saunas ETL Certification 1 & ETL Certification 2.
  2. UL Tested
  3. If a product carries this Mark, it means UL found that representative samples of this product met UL’s safety requirements. These requirements are primarily based on UL’s own published Standards for Safety. Celebration Saunas Celebration Saunas Underwriters Laboratories Report
  5. The CE Mark is a requirement for products sold to the European Market. Our ETL certification shows that our sauna products meet all national standards such as ANSI, CSA, CGA, IEC, NFPA, NSF, and UL for electrical, medical devices, and other products – guaranteeing public safety. The CE Mark identifies a product as complying with the health and safety requirements spelled out in European legislation and is mandatory for equipment operating in the European Union (EU).
  6. At Celebration Saunas we are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of our American-owned factories in China, we own 3 sauna factories. We have end-to-end control in the design, testing, and manufacturing of our saunas. We procure all our wood from Canada only using the highest grades of Hemlock and Western Red Cedar. We kiln dry the wood for four days to burn away any resins and oils that can outgas during a sauna session as well as maintain its strength over time. Wood: Country of Origin Phytosanitary Certificate We only use non-toxic glues, stains, or clear coat. Stain and Glue Report 2007, Glue_Test Report 2013. Working with our designers and engineers we’ve developed our cutting-edge Biophoton heaters in which 87% of our far infrared light emitted is produced at exactly 9.4 microns to match your body’s output of far infrared in the form of body heat at 9.4 microns, maximizing your health benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Mistake #5 Ignoring the EMF debate

From the time we all started using cell phones, EMF has been a controversial topic as to the biological effects of EMF on the body. It is easy to understand the confusion and the controversy as there are two types of EMF. Ionizing and Non-Ionizing.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) make up our universe. Everything in the universe is bound by a positive and negative charge. Bandwidths of these energy waves either have the ability to ionize DNA or not. Non-ionizing EMF is safe as it does not have the capacity to change DNA.

EMF is everywhere around us. The electrical appliances we use, our computers, the wireless modems we find so convenient for accessing the Internet, our cordless phones, the clock radios beside our beds, our hair dryers, cell phones, and even the wiring throughout the walls of our homes are constantly producing EMFs at much higher levels than what you will find in an infrared sauna.

We know that ELFs or extremely low EMF only found near high-voltage power lines are ionizing and do have the ability to cause changes in DNA. It is not uncommon to find tracks of people in these areas exhibiting high emf exposure symptoms from depression to cancer. A sunburn is another example of an ionizing EMF radiation burn that we know can cause DNA changes. ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) EMF is not found in an infrared sauna.

The EMF in an infrared sauna is Non-Ionizing and does not have the ability to change DNA.

Extensive research over the past 20 years has concluded that there is no strong evidence supporting non-ionizing EMF exposures pose a health risk. Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to all EMFs.


As the largest infrared sauna manufacturer and importer of infrared saunas, your health and safety are our number one priority. All Celebration Saunas are constructed with the newest Biophoton Nano-carbon Infrared Sauna technology and to make our saunas safe we reduce EMF levels through the use of proper gauge wiring with heavy-duty insulation, EMF shielding, and steel enclosed electrical components. At Celebration Saunas, we use an opposing EMF layer to the backside of the heater to negate EMF coming off the front. Our home saunas emit 10mG at the heater and 5mG at the bench. Our commercial hospital-grade saunas emit 1.6mG at the heater and 0.3mG at the bench.

Approximately 3% of the population are EMF sensitive and can experience Memory Loss, Depression, Loss of Energy, Irritability, Inability To Concentrate, Weakened Immune System, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches. If this is you, it would be important to opt for a commercial / medical grade sauna that has ultra-low or near-zero EMF heaters.

Below is a 6-minute video that talks about the dangers of EMF radiation in your home, presented by Dr. Magda Havas, a leading environmental researcher at Trent University, Ontario

DistanceTraditional Sauna HeaterNear-Infrared Sauna


Portable Infrared Sauna


Ceramic Infrared Sauna HeaterCarbon Far Infrared Sauna


Biophoton Carbon Far Infrared heater
1 inch> 5 mG10mG100+mG100+mG3 to 100+mG1.6mG
3 inches> 5 mG2mG50 mG50mG35-70 mG0.3mG
6 inches> 5 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient25 mG35mg5-35 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient
12 inches> 5 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient5 mG20mG5-10 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient
18 inches~ 2.5 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient2 mG10mG2-10 mGIndistinguishable from Ambient

Mistake #6 Barking up the wrong tree.

You don’t want a sauna with toxic wood, softwood not suitable for structural integrity, woods with knots, or wood that absorbs heat making the sauna uncomfortable.

There are many wood options available when purchasing a far infrared sauna. The wood your sauna is made from contributes to the quality and longevity of your investment. Below are characteristics of the various wood types used to build most infrared saunas on the market. This will help guide you towards the right wood choice for you.

Canadian Red Cedar is a common wood for traditional saunas but in a far-infrared environment, we must kiln dry the wood to burn away resins and oils that can outgas. In a properly constructed far infrared sauna the cedar wood should not have the cedar fragrance that we associate with a cedar chest or cedar closet. The cedar fragrance contains things like cedrene and terpineol both of which can be sensitizing to the human body and cause a reaction over time. The primary focus of the far-infrared technology is to eliminate toxins from the body, so we don’t want to introduce new toxins into the far infrared sauna environment. Most sauna companies are phasing out the use of Cedar in a far-infrared sauna. Those of us who do use cedar it is simply out of tradition for people who are accustomed to steam or hot rock style saunas. Cedar is a beautiful traditional wood that makes gorgeous furniture but can be susceptible to scarring or indentation due to its soft nature. Cedar far infrared sauna kits can extend the life of your sauna when used outdoors as it is very durable in regard to decay resistance, and has some resistance to insect attack.

Aspen is hypoallergenic and wears without splintering. This soft sapwood has the lowest crushing strength of 4,250lbs of force which can lead to problems in the shipping process as it does not hold up well to pressure and your sauna could arrive irreparably dented. Aspen is best used in an indoor dry sauna environment as it deteriorates in wet conditions and is susceptible to rot with heavy use. Aspen is not suitable for steam or outdoor use.

Basswood can grow to 90 feet tall with a trunk 3 feet in diameter. Weighing about 26 pounds per cubic foot air-dried, the wood has a tan color, and in some cases may be nearly white. This sapwood characteristic fine-grain is one reason basswood has always been the carver’s wood of choice. A sharp knife or gouge slides through Basswood it as if cutting butter. Native Americans centuries ago used basswood for carving masks. Its tough fibers were also used for cord, rope, and thread. The Basswood’s featureless whitish wood won’t split or chip ahead while carving and takes color readily. Basswood is a hypoallergenic wood free of knots. Basswood won’t warp or bend with temperature changes. It must be dried to a maximum moisture content of 8 percent to protect the integrity of the structure. Basswood’s low-hardness rating makes it ideal for hand tools. Basswood won’t take stain. Today Basswood is used to produce boxes, yardsticks, crates, toys & hidden furniture parts. Due to its soft nature, it is not recommended for structures like a sauna.

Canadian Western Hemlock
Thriving in the deep, damp forests of the Pacific Northwest, and making up nearly 60% of the mature coastal forests of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, found as far east as Montana and as far south as San Francisco. Hemlock is the most beautiful of all other conifers. It ranges in color from a creamy white to a yellowish-brown with little variance between the sapwood and hardwood. It resembles pine but its wood is harder, stronger, resin-free with straight fine-grain that sands to a silky, reflective smoothness making it popular for paneling, flooring, doors, cabinets, and furniture. Hemlock trees 500 years old can be 200 feet tall with an 8-foot diameter.

Hemlock is the ideal construction species not only for saunas but for building much of America. Since the 1940s housing boom Hemlock lumber has been used in most wood-frame housing because of its resistance to termites, its firm hold of nails and screws, and hemlock’s ability to get stronger with time. It is one of the lumber industry’s few resources of large, clear timber that has the ability to get harder over time. The strong nature of hemlock makes it resistant to surface scarring making it an ideal wood for furniture products that must be shipped.

Hemlock has no resin, has no fragrance, and is available in very large, knot-free dimensions. It weighs about 29 pounds per cubic foot air-dry. Western Hemlock unlike Douglas fir, won’t easily splinter when machined against the grain. This all-purpose wood grips screws and accepts all glues, paint, stain, or clear finish with more satisfying results than many of the woods we have discussed.

Western hemlock’s hypoallergenic properties, attractiveness, wear resistance, ease of machining, and finishing qualities make it ideal for far infrared sauna construction. At Celebration Saunas we use the clearest hemlock wood; B & BTR SEL, C SEL, D SEL (Western Wood Products Assoc., USA finish grades) or Canadian grades No. 2 CLR & BTR, No. 3 CLR, and No. 4 CLR. Our wood is kiln-dried to 8% moisture. The low cost of hemlock, due to its prevalent availability and common building use, helps to make receiving the benefits of far infrared affordable and available to those who need it most.

As we narrow down the woods based on important properties specific to sauna use we find that Hemlock is the ideal choice for both its hypoallergenic properties, appropriate balance of weight and strength, and minimal shrinkage. Other far infrared sauna companies choose different woods such as Basswood or Aspen but these woods are very soft often poorly hold nails and are more suitable for carving not for a long-lasting sauna cabin construction.

Avoid choosing a sauna made from knotty woods or woods known to expand significantly when exposed to water and moisture. Careful not to use woods that will absorb so much heat that the wood feels uncomfortably hot as the sauna temperature rises. Oak, hickory, magnolia, birch, elm, eucalyptus, and sycamore are poor choices for sauna construction.

No stain! No oil! No chemicals! Whatever wood you select for a sauna room be sure you leave it raw & natural. Any stain, chemicals or oils applied to the interior wood can cause harmful toxins to be released into the sauna room.

The primary focus of getting into an infrared sauna is detoxification. We don’t want to use wood that will outgas toxins or allergens during the heating and cooling of the sauna. We want a wood that is hypoallergenic, durable enough to hold up over time, that maintains a comfortable temperature for a luxurious spa experience in the privacy of your home.

Mistake #7 Choosing an overly complicated assembly system, an assembly system that requires tools, or an assembly system that can affect your health.

Before we began our manufacturing partnership, Celebration Saunas had installed over 1,000 far infrared saunas from most of the major manufacturers in the country. I knew that we could leverage that experience when we partnered with Golden Designs, Inc. to produce the most structurally sound, installation-friendly most efficient far infrared saunas available, and that’s what we set out to accomplish.

Coming from an installation background ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to spend countless hours trying to compensate for a sauna that is manufactured crooked or off level, or having concerns that the sauna could break from being built too thin.

We vowed that first and foremost, our saunas would be a pleasure to install. We made sure to use assembly systems that maintained the structural integrity of the sauna but could be put together without any tools

Sauna assembly systems are critical to the customer experience and assembly of the unit. All our saunas are produced on an assembly line and all components are interchangeable. The best way to install a Far Infrared sauna is without any tools. All Celebration Saunas use male/female self-locking wall guides.

Self Locking Wall Construction eliminates the most common far infrared sauna installation problems like uneven walls, unfinished wood appearing on the exterior of the sauna or finished stained wood appearing on the interior of the sauna.

Using a bolt & anchor construction you run the risk of scratching your sauna and using a magnet construction you run the risk of interference in medical devices such as pacemakers.

Buckle assembly is often chosen for its simplicity. Without tools you will secure the walls with floor guides and line up the walls, buckles will pull your saunas together and will give you a straight fit that won’t have any stain lines or raw wood visible on the exterior associated with a bolt assembly. Your sauna will allow for a perfect assembly every time without tools. Some critique the aesthetics of the buckles others like the character. One thing is for sure the buckle assembly is the easiest to both build and break down.

The locking assembly system uses sliding male and female guides between the interior and exterior walls. Similar to other locking assemblies, sauna walls easily click into place leaving a seamless and perfectly aligned fit. Locking assemblies also do not require tools and typically incorporate a buckle system at the rear of the sauna to create a more sturdy and aligned structure. The locking assembly allows for a clean sleek look so hardware appears invisible. Celebration Saunas uses both the buckle assembly and the locking assembly in all our sauna models.

Magnetic assembly systems. Celebration Saunas does not use or recommend this assembly because the strong magnets can interfere with the output of Pacemakers and Defibrillators. The risk is simply too high. Many people who purchase a sauna are looking to improve their heart health. If you are predisposed to a heart condition or have had a valve replaced or a pacemaker or defibrillator put in, steer clear of this assembly as it can interfere with the functioning of these devices. In reality, your sauna should last a lifetime, so choose the sauna that you will be able to use, be comfortable in and love looking at for the rest of your life.

Bolt & Anchor Assembly Systems: This is the only assembly system that requires tools. The bolt and anchor system requires that each screw on each wall must have equal pressure in order for the sauna to align properly. Like most saunas, the assembly takes minutes whereas these screws take forever to be properly aligned. I ended up circling the sauna to loosen and tighten screws for a perfect fit to eliminate stain lines inside the cabinet and raw wood that was visible on the exterior caused by cabinet misalignment. On my trip to each individual screw, I ended up scratching the wood a bit on the outside of the screw.

What Does Installation entail?
Installation of the sauna, once it has been received, is to simply unbox the panels of the sauna and stage them in the room where the sauna will go. When assembly begins, be sure to review the assembly manual or refer to our sauna assembly videos. You will always start by laying down the floor far enough away from the wall so you can move around the sauna. You will erect either the front wall or the back wall depending on the sauna model chosen and use male/ female guides to attach the side walls. Once the sauna cabinet is fully assembled, you will need to place the roof on top of the cabinet. Here you will pull existing power cords and control panel connections available at the top of the wall through the roof to connect to the power supply box. You will have 3 to 8 of these connections depending on the size sauna chosen. Similar connections will need to be made beneath the benches into the back wall. Once you have made the connections you can install the bench, plug in the sauna and begin checking sauna functioning.

Sauna Assembly Video Guides

We’ve always been motivated to give our clients a great experience, peace of mind, and an infrared sauna that stands the test of time. Because of our efforts to constantly produce new and better installation practices and because of our desire to share what we’ve learned with the world, we have become recognized as thought leaders in the industry, especially with regards to far infrared sauna manufacturing.

Mistake #8 Paying for shipping or liftgate service.

All Celebration Saunas are shipped FREE in the Continental USA with FREE Lift Gate service at a $400-$600 value. The standard procedure is to ship your infrared sauna within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your order and payment authorization. You may schedule your sauna to arrive anytime after the standard 7-14 day delivery schedule. The delivery truck will be equipped with a lift gate and pallet jack to facilitate pallet removal for curbside delivery.

Celebration Saunas uses state-of-the-art packaging to ensure the safe arrival of your sauna. Your sauna will arrive in 1-5 boxes shrink-wrapped, strapped, and palletized to protect the sauna from freight damage. It is important to know how your sauna is shipped. If your sauna is stacked or not on a pallet you can expect damage at delivery.

Protect your investment by inspecting the cartons for ANY possible damage NOTATING the delivery receipt with any packaging damage or wear and tear prior to signing your delivery receipt.

Mistake #9 Not Reading the warranty

Far infrared sauna warranties are a strange thing because, on the surface, they all seem pretty much the same, but they aren’t. Choosing the best sauna means checking the warranty. We suggest taking the time to read the entire warranty from any manufacturer or third-party reseller that you’re considering. Some warranties are straightforward, some warranties will be hidden from being easily viewed. Some warranties say lifetime warranty then define the lifetime of the sauna as 5 years and can be a little more difficult to follow, and in some cases, not even providing much of a warranty at all. This is where reading the warranty comes in handy. You can read Celebration Saunas straightforward warranty here.

Most sauna companies only offer a 5 to 7-year warranty. At Celebration Saunas, we warranty your sauna for as long as you own it. We warranty all your heaters, electronic components including control panels, thermostat, power supply box, and light bulbs for as long as you own the sauna. We warranty our stereo for 1 year and the wood for 3 years. You will never have to pay for replacement parts or shipping or return shipping for anything you need for as long as you own your sauna. The investment in a Celebration Sauna is a one-time investment for life.

Mistake #10 Choosing the Wrong size sauna

The size of the sauna is important. It affects the appearance of your space and what other elements you can incorporate into the space. As you try to determine what size of sauna you want, the first thing you will want to do is determine what the sauna will be used for. Will it be used for long periods of time? Will there be more than one person using the sauna at any one time? Or, will someone be laying down in the sauna?

The next factor you have to consider is the shape and design of the sauna. Some people prefer corner saunas as they have the most bench space and are space-efficient taking only a corner of a room, while others prefer something linear. When determining the shape of the sauna, you have to take into account the size and shape of your room. Sometimes a corner or straight sauna works best in your space. If you want ample bench seating a larger corner sauna may make sense for you. Taking accurate measurements and using masking tape to measure out the floor dimensions and even sitting down in that space will give you a good idea of how your sauna fits in your room and also fits you. Its also important to consider the obstacles placing your sauna in its final location like short ceilings, hallways, & stairs. These considerations will narrow your choices to a size category of saunas: 1 Person Saunas, 2 Person Saunas, 3 Person Saunas, Corner Saunas, 4 Person Saunas, 6 Person Saunas, Commercial Saunas.

Important Note:
When choosing a size you must take into consideration that you will need to be able to walk around the sauna in order to assemble it.

All Saunas will require a minimum of 6 inches above the sauna to make the required electrical connections.

Once Assembled, the sauna can be pushed up against the wall and requires no ventilation. We do recommend that you leave access to the roof so the sauna can be easily serviced if repairs are required.

Sauna SIZE TIP: Some manufacturers of far infrared saunas do not accurately list their sauna sizes. Some saunas may be off by 6” or more. Be sure to acquire a copy of the sauna specs to find out exact measurements. You can find our sauna specs on each sauna design page here: At celebration saunas, we never misrepresent the size of our saunas because we know how much planning goes into selecting the right sauna for your space.

Mistake #11 – Purchasing a sauna without knowing what Electrical requirement is needed to run your sauna.

It is not only important to consider the size of the sauna but the available electricity for sauna use. All our one and two-man saunas only need a standard household outlet and 15 Amp circuit. Although not required, we encourage you to dedicate a circuit to the sauna for optimal sauna operation. The power cord extends 9 feet from the power supply box located on the roof of the sauna to plug into a standard height outlet. Be sure that you can unplug your sauna. If you have the ability, I recommend putting the plug near the roof of the sauna for easy access.

If you are looking for a larger sauna, our three and four-person saunas require a dedicated 120v/20 Amp circuit. This means there will need to be enough space for a new breaker in the breaker box to accommodate the electricity required to operate the sauna.

Important Note:
The power cord extends 9 feet from the power supply box located on the roof of the sauna, above the door approximately 18 inches back from the roofline. If you are putting in a new outlet, it is recommended that you put the outlet near the roof of the sauna for easy access. This is, however, not required.

Mistake #12 Buying Accessories

Many companies will have you purchase accessories such as backrests, oxygen ionizer, or color therapy lighting. At Celebration Saunas, all our saunas include all the accessories you see throughout the industry. Every sauna is equipped to play music either through an MP3 input or with an AM/FM Radio, CD player with Bluetooth capability and, free shipping with a full lifetime warranty where we pay for parts and shipping for as long as you own the sauna. You can read more about our Infrared Sauna Features & Accessories.

Mistake # 13 Making Decision Solely Based on Price

It bugs me that I even need to mention this but alas… I guess I must. It always baffles me to hear a customer say they want a great, great super-low price but they also expect great, great quality and service…..Huh?

Say what? There is an old saying I once heard. It goes something like this: “All of your customers want you as a business to make money and turn a profit. They just don’t want you to make any money on them.” This quote certainly holds true for some shoppers, but I find the majority understand that in order to deal with a reputable, steady company where quality and service are fundamental components in making and delivering quality saunas with lifetime service, then the company must make money. This means on all customers. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating that sauna companies should break the bank on every sauna and not earn their keep. What I am saying, though, is that there will always, and I stress ALWAYS, be companies available that will sell you a sauna for less. This is also why so many infrared sauna companies go out of business. In the 10 years, we’ve been in the infrared sauna industry, we have literally witnessed 50 far infrared companies start and fold their businesses. And no, that is not an exaggeration.

How would you like to have purchased your sauna from one of these companies? Although price always has and always will be an important part of choosing your sauna company, make sure that it’s not your first priority. If it is, then you might find yourself being the next victim of a terrible far infrared sauna experience.

Mistake #14: Not Properly Vetting The sauna company

Have you looked at their online reviews? Have you searched for any complaints against the company? Are they a member of the BBB and what is their rating? How long before you get your sauna? How are your saunas constructed? What is your warranty? What heater technology is being used? What is the wood thickness? What is the EMF rating? What accessories come with your sauna?

Mistake # 15 Not talking to the company that you want to purchase from.

This may be the most important information in this article. Why? The sauna company you choose will make or break this whole experience. After consulting with literally thousands of far infrared sauna customers from all around the country over the past 10 years we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the far infrared sauna industry. All of our experience regarding sauna companies can be summed up in this one statement:

Nothing can compensate for a poorly constructed sauna.

The truth is that there are vast differences from one sauna company to another. You don’t have to look hard on the internet to find horror story after horror story about shady sauna guys. This is a smudge on the face of our industry, and why this is clearly your biggest decision as a consumer.

This is also why it’s critical to have at least a base understanding of the construction of the sauna and the installation process before your purchase so you can know what a quality sauna looks like and what questions to ask.

Mistake #16 Working with a company with little or no inventory.

Having been a small sauna importer, it is difficult to service your customers with a limited inventory. Low inventory prevents your sauna from being delivered in a timely manner or at an affordable price. A significant and common problem for much of our competition. In 2014, We knew that partnering with the manufacturer of far infrared saunas would open the door to work with everyone and provide us with access to an annual inventory of 12,000 saunas, so all our customers receive their sauna in a timely manner. Our customer base is ever-expanding, we’re able to reach more and more homeowners and health-related business owners.

Mistake #17: Hidden Costs

Let’s say your sauna company has just sent you a sauna. Naturally, you’re very excited about getting your sauna and using it. You get your sauna put together, you go to plug it in and um, the plug won’t fit in the outlet. It’s Important to remember to check the electrical requirements your sauna needs before placing your order. What about taxes? Most out of state online companies won’t collect or pay sales tax for your state so weeks after you receive your sauna you get a letter in the mail from your state to pay the state taxes on your sauna. These aren’t always something that is discussed with your salesperson and you become irate at having to fork out an additional $200 you were not planning on. There are many such scenarios that become a reality every day…this is what we’re trying to avoid.

Most Common Hidden Costs:

  • Electrical requirement
  • Shipping
  • Sales Tax
  • Sales Tax is collected by your state after receiving your goods. I have only seen this happen in Florida. Florida requires you to pay sales tax on your own products purchased online.
  • Add-on accessories

Mistake #18: Focusing on the short-term

Whether you are looking at the type, size, price, or any other component of your home sauna, you need to make decisions based on the durability of your sauna. Will this sauna last me the rest of my life or will I need to replace it after 5 years?

Let’s say a sauna shopper settles on a low-cost sauna company even though they really want a more expensive far infrared sauna. They do this because the sauna will cost them $$300 – 1,000 less initially. Over the next 5 years, they end up having to replace expensive parts on their sauna-like heaters at $200 a pop, power supply box a $1000 pop, or control panel & thermostat both can cost up to $100. At some point, parts begin breaking down so much that spending the money on a new sauna is more economical. Spending about $300 to $1,000 more, depending on the size of sauna and heater type, makes residual expenses like sauna parts and replacement non-existent if you just get a far infrared sauna with a lifetime warranty from a reputable company in the beginning.

Now I submit this question: Did this person end up saving any money at all in the long run? Well, we all know the answer is a resounding ‘NO’, and in fact, the consumer spent about $2,000 more over the course of 5 years than they would have, had they invested slightly more upfront for a high-quality far infrared sauna from a reputable manufacturer.

Mistake #19: Not Trusting Your Gut

Many of you who are reading this sauna buying guide at this very moment are getting ready to pull the trigger on a sauna company somewhere around the country. As you do your research you will receive impressions about which sauna company, manufacturer, etc. to choose. Based on our experience, these feelings should not be ignored. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve personally spoken to whom, after the project went South said something like, “I had a feeling to [fill in the blank] but for [fill in the blank] reason, I decided not to….and now I wish I had. This is not exactly the most scientific approach to buying a sauna, but there are tremendous differences between companies and manufacturers. If problems arise with your sauna which they can, you have to rely on the integrity of the company to fix your sauna and support you long after your purchase. Do your best to ensure they are worthy of that trust and you’ll likely be fine.

That brings us to the conclusion of the mistakes to avoid when buying your sauna. We genuinely hope it has empowered you with the tools you need to make a sound decision. We wish you the best of luck and happy sweating!

Would you like to speak with one of our Service Representatives? They are a cut above, and would love to help answer any questions you have. Simply call 855-728-6248 to get the process started.

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  1. Can I place an infrared sauna on concrete within 8′ of a pool? Will the splashed water or water running underneath the the sauna effect its’ operation or appearance?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thank you for reaching out. This is a great question! If it were only the humidity from the pool I wouldn’t have a concern but Far Infrared Saunas are dry saunas so they are not designed to withstand water. Water will damage the wood and could make your sauna inoperable. Any exposure to water would void your warranty.

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