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Starlight 2 Person Near Zero EMF Full Spectrum Home Sauna


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The Starlight 2 Person Near Zero EMF Far Infrared and Full Spectrum Sauna has a stylish, space-efficient design compact enough to fit in any space.

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  • 2 Person capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 46″ x 40″ x 75″
    • You must be able to walk around the sauna during assembly.
    • You must have a minimum of 6″ above the sauna for assembly.
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 42″ x 36″ x 68″
  • Music System MP3 aux connection and dynamic speaker with pre-amp (no radio included)
  • Interior LED control panel
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
  • 7 BioPhoton Nano-Carbon™  Near Zero EMF Heat Emitters (Heating Panels)
  • 2 Near-Infrared PureTech™ Full-Spectrum Heat Emitters
  • Grade A Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • Tempered glass door
  • 2 Backrests
  • Roof vent
  • Electrical service: 120V/15amp
  • Clasp together assembly
  • Sauna weight: 330 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 385 lbs.
  • Ships in 2 boxes
  • Cancellation & Return Policy

Our popular Starlight sauna has been a Celebration Saunas staple since 2019 for its sleek, space-efficient design and its affordable price.  We are happy to announce that not only is it now equipped with Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Heaters but the newest technology in phototherapy,  Full-Spectrum Near-infrared heaters.   About 3% of our population has a sensitivity to man-made EMFs and they often have ongoing chronic autoimmune conditions, Lyme parasite, & Mold toxicity.  These are conditions that our clients have disclosed to us as a source of their EMF sensitivity.  As a result of this awareness there is a health industry-wide push to lower man-made EMFs in an infrared sauna environment so those who need its healing and detoxification benefits can comfortably use the sauna. 

FIR Sauna has increasingly become a regular health regimen for everything from preventative health maintenance to athletic injuries to cancer and heart disease.  The benefits of far infrared sauna have been documented for more than 50 years  but it turns out that NIR (near-infrared) doesn’t just belong in a lab or in our tv remote anymore, it has health benefits too.  The most documented studies of Near-Infrared Light have conclusive evidence of it’s healing and restorative properties to the skin.  Our highest exposure to NIR light or near-infrared light is at dawn and at dusk.  In the morning it primes our skin for vitamin D absorption and works as a protectant from the mid-day sun while in the evening it has restorative effects against the mid-day sun.  Near-Infrared has 15 years of documented studies siting the health benefits to the skin but further research has concluded that NIR (near-infrared) light positively improves endocrine function, in particular the thyroid.  Near-Infrared (NIR)  enhances far infrared sauna use by encouraging the decoupling of toxins from all cells but most importantly from our denser organs and tissues.  

Our bodies have photoreceptors or light receptors because like plants we are able to use that light as energy.  Our bodies produce far infrared light in the form of body heat so using a far infrared sauna is similar to charging our phones.  We are filling up the battery to it’s maximum capacity and now our bodies have all the energy they need to bring themselves to their highest level of homeostasis.  As our mitochondria are activated by the far infrared light to maximize energy production the near-infrared quickly moves excess cellular energy to deeper tissues faster.  This influx of cellular energy to the deeper tissues combined with an increase in body temperature to a low-grade fever causes a rate increase for decoupling of toxins at the cellular level in particular with the denser tissues and organs found in the endocrine system like our thyroid, pancreas, liver, hypothalamus, etc.   Adding Near-Infrared to compliment your far infrared sessions you will see long-term results more quickly.  You’ll reduce joint pain, increase collagen and elastin protein production for ageless skin, improve your immunity, detoxify your body of the things simply slowing you down.  You’ll notice an overall improvement in general health and  well-being.  

To enhance our commitment to whole body health, all our saunas come equipped with chromotherapy or color therapy lighting to encourage even more healing during your sauna session.   Color is all around us and it can powerfully change our mood, evoke emotions, and impact our health.  Each color red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple or pink is associated with a chakra energy center in the body.  Each energy center governs different functions of the body.  Focusing on these energy centers and practicing mindfulness of their sensations through meditation will deepen your sauna experience and expand the health benefits you can acheive.   Red or the root chakra governs the spine, rectum, legs, arms and circulatory system.  Orange or the Sacral chakra governs our reproductive organs, kidneys, bowels, and immune system.  Yellow or the solar plexus chakra govers our central nervous system, pancreas, liver, digestive tract and skin.  Green or the heart chakra governs the heart, thymus, lower lungs, circulatory system, and  immune systems.  Blue or the throat chakra governs our thyroid, respiratory system, teeth, and vocal chords.  Indigo is the third eye chakra and governs the pituitary gland, eyes and sinuses.  Pink or Purple is the crown chakra and it governs the pineal gland, brain and nervous system.  As you sit in your sauna and meditate on each of these colors and bring them into balance and alignment you will maximize your session by nurturing your mind body and spirit.  You can learn more about chakra color healing by reading the article The Healing Benefits of Color

The Starlight Infrared Sauna is one of the best in home sauna for small spaces that maximizes your health benefits providing you a perfect sactuary to focus on you because You are Worth It.  When planning your sauna room we do recommend that you use the dimensions listed above and use masking tape to tape out those dimensions on the floor and sit down in that space so you have a good idea of the amount of space you’ll have inside your sauna.  Make sure that you can walk around your sauna to assemble it and that you have a minimum of six inches above your sauna to make the necessary power connections.  You can slide your sauna into it’s home once it’s assembled.  The walls of your sauna do not need any ventilation.   Make sure your outlet is in an accessible location so it can be unplugged if necessary.  Your sauna can be placed on any surface, carpet, wood, linoleum, or cement.   If you put your sauna outside you will need to purchase our Outdoor Sauna cover to protect your sauna and your warranty.  We construct our saunas with kiln dried Grade A Canadian Hemlock for it’s hypoallergenic properties and it’s durability.   We only minimally use non-toxic glues and stains in the construction of your sauna.  There really isn’t a single detail we have overlooked to produce the safest most economical saunas on the market.

Your Starlight sauna comes equipped with the newest Near Zero EMF far infrared heater technology combined with the newest Full-Spectrum technology, colortherapy lighting, sound system to enjoy your favorite music or meditation.  We include backrests to maximize your comfort and oxygen ionizer to help keep your sauna clean and smelling fresh.    Set-up is easy, assemble your new sauna using our unique but simple locking system and plug into any standard 120-volt outlet rated for 15 amps. You’ll be enjoying your first sauna session in under an hour.

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