Astronomer 2 Person Low EMF Indoor Far Infrared Sauna

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  • 2 Person capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 47″ x 42″ x 75″ (roof overhang: add 2″)
    • You must be able to walk around the sauna during assembly.
    • You must have a minimum of 6″ above the sauna for assembly.
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 43″ x 37″ x 68″
  • Music System w/Bluetooth Capability and 2 dynamic speakers with pre-amp (no radio included)
  • Interior and exterior LED control panel
  • Grade A Canadian hemlock wood construction
  • Electrical service: 120V/15amp
  • Clasp together assembly
  • 6 Biophoton Nano-Carbon Low EMF Far Infrared heating panels
  • Clear Tempered glass door
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system with remote
  • Roof Vent
  • 2 Backrests
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Towel Rack
  • Magazine Rack
  • MP3 shelf
  • Astronomer Wattage Diagram
  • Astronomer Assembly Manual
  • Cancellation & Return Policy
  • Sauna weight: 330 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 385 lbs.
  • Ships in 2 boxes

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The Astronomer 2 Person sauna is one of our best home sauna kits and Dynamic Sauna staple. The Astronomer’s space-efficient design entered the sauna marketplace in 2018 and has become one of our most popular cost-effective saunas. FIR sauna or Far Infrared Sauna has become a staple in regular health maintenance so making these saunas affordable and practical to fit into smaller spaces, is our specialty. Not only will the sauna fit nearly anywhere there is virtually no sauna maintenance with a far infrared sauna. And we make them beautiful! Strategically placed windows allow light to pass into the sauna for a more open and relaxing feeling. One of my favorite features in all our in-home sauna kits including the astronomer sauna is the chromotherapy or color therapy lighting. I personally use this healing color light to focus my chakra meditations. If I want to focus on an individual chakra like my root chakra I will listen to my prerecorded root chakra Tibetan singing bowls through the dynamic speakers provided in my sauna and set the healing light to red while I focus my attention and intention on that energy center. If I want to meditate on all my chakras I can easily change colors using the remote without opening my eyes as my prerecorded meditation moves through each energy center. The Astronomer sauna also boasts a Low EMF of 10mG at the heater and drops off to 5mG at the bench.

EMF is a hot button topic in the infrared sauna industry. EMF ratings for infrared saunas range from the very old technology 240mG to 0.3mG for the newest technology. What are sauna EMFs? EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Everything in the universe including you and me is held together by a positive and negative charge. Everything in the universe has an EMF signature the difference is whether or not that EMF is harmful to the human body. EMF can be broken down into 2 categories; ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing means that the EMF has the ability to change DNA and cause cancer over time. Examples of ionizing EMFs are gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet light, microwaves (wifi & cell phones), ELFs, or Extremely Low-Frequency EMF found near powerlines are all examples of EMF that have the ability to change DNA and cause cancer. Our home appliances like our TVs, computers (except the wifi), refrigerators, light switches nearly everything in our home produce non-ionizing EMF including your new far infrared sauna. So to clear up that mess of information…..THERE ARE NO HARMFUL EMFs in any infrared sauna ever built in the history of infrared saunas. About 3% of the population has a sensitivity to these non-ionizing EMFs and it makes them nauseous. I have personally had clients with this sensitivity and they typically have in common long-term chronic Lyme parasite infections, mold toxicity, and certain autoimmune disorders. As an industry, we have a higher percentage of these clients so the reduction of EMF in the evolution of infrared sauna technology was to cater to these clients who need a Near-Zero EMF Sauna. For the rest of us, non-ionizing EMFs are all around us and have no impact on our health. The Astronomer infrared sauna has low EMF meaning it has an emission of 10mG at the heater and drops off to 5mG at the bench. This EMF level is lower than the power windows in your car (power windows = 20mG). The Astronomer sauna has 6 Biophoton (Life light at 9.4 microns) Low EMF carbon heaters that maximize far-infrared absorption because they are tuned to the same frequency of far infrared light that the human body produces.

Why is it important that the far infrared sauna be tuned to the resonant frequency of 9.4 microns? Because our bodies produce far-infrared light in the form of body heat. We manufacture this far infrared energy in the mitochondria of our cells. This is the energy our cells use to carry out their metabolic processes. Our bodies and that of all living creatures not only manufacture far-infrared light but we also readily absorb it from the sun. When we get sick our bodies manufacture more far-infrared light to increase our core temperature to a low-grade fever to kill off infections and viruses. As we absorb far-infrared light in a fir infrared sauna we also induce a low-grade fever which causes a die-off of latent viruses, infections, and parasites so we don’t become sick. When the COVID pandemic hit the sauna industry and hot tub industry went crazy with people looking to increase their core temperature to a low-grade fever to prevent the virus from taking hold in the body. Once your body gets sick it’s really too late. You have to allow the cold or flu to run its course but when I just start feeling symptoms of a cold or flu or even allergies I get into my sauna and I haven’t been sick (knock on wood) in years. There are a number of documented studies at the bottom of the page that show how induced hyperthermia or fever improves the immune system.

Like our other 2 man infrared sauna kits, the astronomer has a clasp together assembly that goes together without any tools and plugs into a standard 15 amp household outlet. Plugging my new sauna into a standard household outlet was a huge selling point for me as a first-time buyer because it meant I could install the sauna without needing an electrician.


We use the kiln-dried Grade A Canadian Hemlock in the Astronomer sauna for aesthetic beauty and functionally a lifetime of durability. Your sauna comes equipped with 6 heaters utilizing the newest in BioPhoton Nano-Carbon Low EMF Far-Infrared heater technology. You’ll enjoy music or meditation in your sauna using our MP3 Aux and Bluetooth capable speaker system and the chromotherapy lighting or color therapy lighting that improves mood and aids in aligning your chakras to compliment the chakra meditations you do. Tinted privacy glass provides the privacy you need and want in a sauna without the claustrophobic feeling of sitting in a closet. You can enhance your sauna experience with accessories like backrests, oxygen ionizer, or a seat cushion. We do have installation services available in some areas and if you are looking to put your sauna outdoors we offer insulated outdoor covers as well. Be sure to speak with a representative before choosing to put your sauna outdoors. All Celebration Saunas have an extended manufacturer lifetime warranty where we pay for parts and shipping for as long as you own your sauna. Once you receive your sauna, it can be easily assembled in about 1 hour with 2 people and plugs into a standard household outlet. That means once you receive your sauna kit, you can be using your new home sauna in about 1 hour.

*All topics and conclusions of the health benefits of infrared saunas have been thoroughly researched by Celebration Saunas but results can vary.


The effect of induced hyperthermia on the immune system. Dieing A1, Ahlers O, Hildebrandt B, Kerner T, Tamm I, Possinger K, Wust P.

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Soszyński, D (2003). “The pathogenesis and the adaptive value of fever.” Postepy higieny i medycyny doswiadczalnej 57 (5): 531–54. PMID 14737969.

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Celebration Infrared Saunas are an investment in your health, in your quality of life. An investment that will last a lifetime.

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Additional information

Weight320 lbs
Dimensions47 × 42 × 75 in

2 reviews for Astronomer 2 Person Low EMF Indoor Far Infrared Sauna

  1. Shannon

    We wanted to upgrade our IR sauna this year and old one from a different manufacturer fell apart within the year. Like, literally fell apart. We got early access to the Astronomer as we called and asked for the top of the range and latest model. We use it in our gym so it gets a lot of heavy usage. I’m delighted to say that this is holding up well and really is the centerpiece of our little oasis (we’re a womens only gym). The new features are amazing and while I didn’t assemble it, I watched it being assembled and I know for a fact I’d be able to do it.

    So far, all members who have used it, love it. And as someone who had a bad experience and who’s reputation suffered from a poor quality sauna, I have no hesitation in recommending this. I’ve seen other celebration saunas (older models) and it’s great to see them iterating and improving their line.

  2. Gary Battles

    We purchased the Comet 2 several weeks ago. We unpacked the sauna in the garage and carried the pre-assembled pieces inside. Set-up was easy— I had my adult kids do it. My wife and I use it everyday. I can feel more energy.

    • Katie Hopkins

      Hi Gary,

      Thank you so very much for your wonderful review. I am glad to hear that your sauna is up and running and you’re already feeling the tremendous health benefits infrared sauna has to offer. Stick with it, it only gets better. 🙂 I appreciate the time and effort you put into reviewing our product and service. Reviews from customers like yourself help other buyers choose the right sauna and company, for them. If I can ever be of help to you, please do let me know. I am here to support your long-term health goals.

      In Good Health,

      Katie Hopkins
      [email protected]
      Toll-Free: 855-728-6248

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