Luxurious Sauna Hair Treatment

We all love our infrared sauna health benefits.  The pain relief the detoxing benefits, the weight loss but……my naturally curly hair seems to get so dry.  I asked my beautician what could I do and she said to condition my hair and wrap it in a towel and get into the sauna.  This is basically the same process they use to condition hair at the salon when they put us in the dryer.   The towel is also like wearing a hat keeping your head warm and encouraging your body to sweat more.

When choosing my conditioner I really wanted to go with all natural products without chemicals and parabens that strip my hair of their natural oils and then have to replace them with chemicals often more suited for my towels than my hair.  Doterra Essential Oils is well known for providing all natural products and remedies.  I found that the Shampoo really cleaned my hair without stripping my hair to the texture of wet hay.   I love my shampoo so much that the whole family uses it now.  The Conditioner is amazing and with very small amounts to condition my hair it has lasted nearly 3 months before I need a new bottle.  The shampoo smells really good, so, I indulge in a bottle a month.

Salon Essentials Shampoo & Conditioner


dōTERRA salon essentials Protecting Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner come together for the benefit and health of your hair. Enjoy the two together for a discounted price.


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