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Why are Far Infrared Saunas So Low Maintenance?

Far Infrared Home Sauna Maintenance

If you have done any research on infrared saunas you have certainly read that one of their primary advantages is the low maintenance.  If you have gone as far as to speak to an owner of a far infrared sauna, they probably said something like “…they said it would be low maintenance, but I had no idea how easy the sauna would actually be to take care of. ”  It is a fact.  Infrared Saunas are a breeze to maintain, even 6 person saunas (see a customer video of how big their 6 person infrared sauna is!) ….but why?

Far Infrared Home Sauna Maintenance

Keeping your far infrared sauna clean and sanitary is a truly easy and small time commitment when compared to traditional steam saunas.  Saunas are relatively sanitary and won’t require the same type of cleaning required in other areas of your home.  The main reason Far Infrared Saunas require much less maintenance than their steam counterpart is that we are not introducing water to the environment.  Below you will find tips on maintaining your sauna.

The easiest way to keep your sauna clean and looking new is to use a sauna cushion.  At Celebration Saunas we do offer custom sauna cushions made with Sunbrella marine grade canvas to enhance your overall sauna experience and protect your bench from sweat stains.   Our Sunbrella seat cushions are machine washable and  come with a 7 year warranty that they will not compress, rip or  tear.

The nicest thing about a sauna cushion is, it is the difference between a hard bench and soft cushion.  The sauna cushion will also protect your bench from accumulating sweat stains over time keeping your sauna looking new and inviting for a lifetime of use.    Even with my own sauna cushion I do put a towel over it because sweat won’t absorb into the cushion, sweat will sit on top of the fabric.  Having a towel down will catch sweat that may want to bead on the fabric.   If you don’t decide on a sauna cushion you can also put down towels to protect the bench.

If you are using towels to protect your bench, think about using two or three towels to soak up the tremendous amount of sweat you will produce in your infrared sauna.    Also use a towel to wipe away sweat on your body.  This will not only allow you to get more benefits from your sauna as it will encourage your body to sweat more it will also help in keeping your sauna clean.

Put a towel over the floor heater to catch any dirt that may be on your feet and to avoid sweat stains.  Remove all moist or wet towels when finished with your sauna session to prevent any moisture from building up.   Our commercial saunas also have the option for a protective floor mat ideal for high traffic areas.

Be sure to remove all wet towels at the end of your sauna session, start the oxygen ionizer and closed the door to so the sauna can be properly cleaned.

Proper maintenance of your infrared sauna will prevent bacteria and mold from growing.  Vacuum or sweep your sauna often to remove loose dirt.

To remove sweat stains and dirt from general wear you can.

  • Use a diluted hydrogen peroxide or mild solution of baking soda and vinegar and water to lift and wipe away dirt, water and sweat after each session.  Do not use too much water on your cloth/ sponge or allow it to sit  on the wood surface as the wood can turn dark.
  • Never use any chemicals to clean your sauna.  Chemicals absorbed by the wood are toxic and can outgas and cause health problems.
  • For deeper cleaning you can use a fine grit sandpaper to remove stains.   Never use paint, oil or chemicals to treat the wood on the interior of the sauna.

Far Infrared sauna exterior maintenance.

  • Most infrared home saunas are made for indoor use and can be periodically dusted.  Although not required you can apply Tung oil to the exterior of the sauna to keep the wood soft and supple and looking beautiful over time.

Cleaning Device:  All infrared saunas should come with an oxygen ionizer to keep your sauna free from viruses, mold, bacteria and odors that can develop over time.  It’s a good idea to allow your oxygen ionizer to run for 30 minutes after each session to keep your sauna sanitary, fresh-smelling and enjoyable to over the years to come.

Keeping your far infrared sauna clean and sanitary is a truly an easy, small time commitment when compared to a traditional steam sauna or hot rock sauna or other recreational bathing like hot tubs or swimming saunas that don’t offer the same health benefits and enjoyment unique to far infrared saunas.

The most important precaution you must follow which I have previously said before but it bears repeating, is to never use any chemicals, oils, paints, or varnish or anything that can outgas harmful toxins into the sauna environment it will ruin your sauna and your experience and could possibly make you sick.  Any company selling a sauna cleaner make sure you ask  for MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET of the chemicals used to verify its toxicity.  I have not found any sauna cleaning solutions on the market that do not use some sort of toxic chemical.

“… infrared sauna owners rave about how little maintenance is required”.

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