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10 Mistakes First-Time Sauna Buyers Make

Because learning how to buy a sauna is HARD.

It’s a big deal buying a sauna. And because it’s such a big deal, it’s not something most people are particularly well-versed in. With so many different saunas, and all that jargon to get your head around (sorry, but WTF is the difference between EMF and Microns, Milligauss, Near Infrared, Far Infrared I just thought it was hot and dry and maybe some steam), it can become quite overwhelming.

And for that reason, it’s easy to make mistakes. So to save you some stress along the way, we decided to reveal the most common mistakes first-time sauna buyers make, and how they can be prevented in the first place.

10 Mistakes First Time Infrared Sauna Buyers Make

Mistake 1. Assuming you can’t afford to buy a luxury sauna in the first place.

As you do the research, read reviews, narrow down your personal sauna choices you realize that a home sauna can be affordable and within reach that you won’t need to sell an arm and a leg just to buy your new sauna. I would have to say that the biggest mistake people make is to give up on the hope of owning a home sauna altogether. Many people associate the cost of owning a home sauna with steam or hot rock sauna which can cost a lot of money and will need regular maintenance and repairs. The immediate association with hot rock and steam saunas leads to the visualization of a massive job that will require planning and contractors. Because of these challenges, people don’t believe that they will ever be able to afford a sauna, and so they settle on their local gym or spa for the foreseeable future.

The good news is there is now an easier, more affordable option for owning a personal sauna: Far Infrared Home Sauna Kits. The new design and versatility of these knock-down do-it-yourself (DIY) kits go together in as little as 30 minutes, can plug into a standard household outlet and be placed anywhere in the home, including on carpet. You can check out the cost comparisons here.

Mistake 2. Not doing your homework

I know, right. You feel like you’ve done more reading up on this sauna-buying business than you did on your dissertation. But don’t to forget to do your research on the sauna company itself, not just the process of buying. Like taking proper measurements before your purchase, it’s important for sauna buyers to do their homework and spend some time researching the company they intend to do business with as this will help you to decide on the best sauna for you. It’s important to consider the online posted reviews of a sauna company, the infrared technology a sauna company is using, the woods that are used in the construction of the sauna, and who are you dealing with? A manufacturer or a 3rd party reseller? It’s also important to understand what you’re getting. Do you know the difference between infrared vs steam saunas and their technologies?

3. Not planning for your purchase.

Before you buy a sauna, it’s always sensible to take measurements of the space where you are going to put your sauna and the path you will need to navigate, to carry the sauna walls into your new sauna room. Forgetting to measure your space can result in a brand new beautiful sauna that you can’t fit into the place you wanted and identifying your size restrictions will eliminate this as a potential problem in advance.

4. Assuming you need a $5000 budget

Given the rising cost of everything these days, $5000 is a lot to ask when the sauna isn’t built-in. A DIY sauna knock-down kit can be as low as $1395. Many people believe that they must spend a lot to enjoy a sauna at home, but this is actually incorrect. As it currently stands, a Celebration Sauna is often a $1000 less than any of our competitors. It’s easy to do that when you own the manufacturing facilities and put quality and safety above profit. A Far infrared sauna is not just a luxury item but durable medical equipment, and it is one of our core values to make this technology affordable and available to those who need it most. If you’re looking for something like our award winning 6 person home saunas, we offer infrared sauna financing too!

5. Not identifying the electrical requirement for your new sauna.

Buying your first sauna is an exciting addition to your home, so it’s understandable that so many sauna buyers want to start searching for their dream sauna as soon as they’ve made the decision to enhance their home and their health with a far infrared sauna. But do not to be too hasty.

Although it’s good to be proactive, it’s common for buyers to start looking at saunas within a larger size bracket – only to find out later down the line that they don’t have a dedicated 20 amp circuit and a there is no room in their breaker box for a new one.

So how can buyers avoid this issue? If you are purchasing a 3 person infrared sauna or larger, speak to an electrician. Find out if you have a 20 amp circuit that can be dedicated to your sauna or if a new 20 amp breaker switch can be installed into the breaker box to accommodate your new sauna. The last thing you want is to buy a sauna that you can’t get power to.

6. Not asking enough questions

So many sauna buyers fall in love with a sauna and rush to make a purchase but if you take some time to ask questions about the sauna you are buying you’ll find out the real value you are getting. A home sauna is an investment. Our infrared sauna buying guide is a good start. It’s important to consider the safety of the technology that delivers the far infrared light and the longevity of the sauna including the cost of repairs and maintenance over the life of the sauna.

We always encourage sauna buyers to ask their sauna sales agent lots of questions about the sauna company and the construction of their saunas. For example, how long has the sauna company been in business? Do they own the manufacturing facilities, are they merely importing from Chinese manufacturers or are they a third party reseller?

7. Choosing a sauna kit with an overly complicated assembly system.

Look, the whole purpose of designing a home sauna DIY kit is that it’s EASY to assemble. That means that everything should be pre installed including the power supply box, heaters, thermostat, control panels and lights. I would be skeptical of any company selling saunas that require excessive assembly of components that should be pre-installed. We recommend choosing a dry sauna kit assembly system that does not require any tools at all as these systems offer the best experience for customers not wanting to spend the whole weekend assembling their sauna instead of using it.

8. Not Reading the Warranty

Some warranties are straightforward; some warranties will be hidden from being easily viewed. Some warranties say lifetime warranty then define the lifetime of the sauna as 5 years and can be a little more difficult to follow, and in some cases, not even providing much of a warranty at all. This is where reading the warranty comes in handy. At Celebration Saunas, we warranty your sauna for as long as you own it. We warranty all your heaters, electronic components including control panels, thermostat, power supply box, and light bulbs for as long as you own the sauna. You will never have to pay for replacement parts or shipping or return shipping for anything you need, for as long as you own your sauna. An investment in a Celebration Sauna is a one-time investment for life. You will never have to pay to keep your sauna running. Check out our infrared sauna with lifetime warranty guarantee.

9. Misjudging the timing

I often hear stories of sauna buyers who are in the middle of a renovation, they must install their sauna before anything else can be built around it, but when they go to buy their sauna, the company they’ve chosen has run out of inventory. Lack of stock to fill orders is a common problem for smaller companies who keep low or limited inventories which can result in you waiting months to get your sauna delivered and installed not to mention completing your renovation. At Celebration Saunas, we keep an inventory of 4,000 saunas at any one time ensuring your sauna is ready and available when you need it.

10. Not Trusting Your Gut.

Many of you who are reading this sauna buying guide at this very moment, are getting ready to pull the trigger on a sauna company somewhere. As you do your research, you will receive impressions about which sauna company, manufacturer, etc. to chose. These feelings should not be ignored. This is not exactly the most scientific approach to buying a sauna, but there are tremendous differences in companies and manufacturers. If problems arise with your sauna which they can, you have to rely on the integrity of the company to fix your sauna and support you long after your purchase. Do your best to insure they are worthy of that trust, and you’ll likely be fine.

That brings us to the conclusion of the common mistakes to avoid when buying your sauna. We hope it has empowered you with the tools you need to make a sound decision. If you feel like diving deeper, check out our article and video on the 19 most common infrared sauna mistakes buyers make. We wish you the best of luck and happy sweating!

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